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1. How to Say Thank You! in Hungarian

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Posting in Hungarian? Leave a translation. It's good practice and helps others.

avatar Hunyadi Iolanda

Koszonom szepen a leckék


Hi Jesse Joiner,

Thank you for posting! :smile:
If you have any questions, please let us know!

Happy Hungarian Learning!

avatar Jesse Joiner

Nagyon köszönöm!
I am trying my very hardest to learn how to speak Hungarian and have downloaded as many apps as I could. :) I think Hungary is a beautiful place, everything about it is.
I hope to soon be able to learn to properly speak Hungarian.


Hi Vlada,

Thank you for your comment! :thumbsup:
We are happy to hear, that you enjoy our site!
Stay tuned and enjoy learning Hungarian with us!

Szép napot!


avatar vlada

Thank you very much for this lections, it’s a very clear and straight to the point! : )

köszönöm szépen!


Szia Albert!

Thank you for your comment!
You are at the best place to learn everything before you go to Hungary! :wink:
If you have any question, please ask us!

Good Luck with Hungarian language!

Szép napot!

avatar Mariam Albert

We’re going to travel to Budapest next july and would like to know the essential words for day dealing

avatar Mariam Albert

:thumbsup: nice and easy


Hello Tara W,

Great to know that you are planning to study in Budapest :smile: I hope you enjoy the food and culture there :wink:
Wish you good luck for your Hungarian studies! Hope you learn enough Hungarian before moving there :oops:


avatar Tara W

Sziasztok HungarianPod team és köszönöm szépen for this wonderful website!
I want to start learning Hungarian because I want to know some of the language before I go there, I am applying to study at ELTE in Budapest because it has a very good support for students with visual impairment (in my country these things don’t exist and I am almost blind!). I also wanted to learn Hungarian because of music, it all started with Nox and “Forogj világ!” at Eurovision and now my iPod’s library is full with Hungarian folk and contemporary music. Also, hungarians have been always very nice tome, such amazing people and gorgeous culture

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