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Available for the Android, iPhone, iPad and Kindle Fire.

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Learn Hungarian anywhere with HungarianPod101 on your mobile device

All of our lessons, lesson notes, progress tracking and premium tools are available on your smartphone or mobile device. Want to switch from the app to your computer and continue where you left off? You can! Our system is fully integrated!

Innovative Language 101 is free to download and is available to all users

Free Lifetime Accounts, Basic, Premium and Premium PLUS. Download the App, choose Hungarian from the “Choose Your Language” screen and log in to HungarianPod101.
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Hundreds of audio and video lessons by real teachers

Start now and access hundreds of audio and video lessons by real teachers, lesson notes, study tools and more. With 500+ million downloads and 10 years of experience, you’re learning with a time-tested, proven system. Choose a language and learn anywhere, anytime.

Here’s what you get with the Innovative Language 101 App

  • New Users – Try It Free: Start your 7-Day Free Trial! 7-Day Free Premium Trial for new users with easy registration sign-up and easy in-app upgrading
  • Existing Users – Sign In Now: Convenient Basic, Premium and Premium PLUS login and profile access for existing HungarianPod101 website users
  • Download Manager for Offline Study: Hands down, the easiest way to listen on the go! Download any lesson you have access to with your account and listen offline from your Library
  • Upgrade In-App: This is upgrading made easy. In-app purchasing of Basic, Premium and Premium PLUS subscriptions available. (Kindle Fire users will be redirected to the HungarianPod101 website to upgrade)
  • Complete Lesson Library: New and archived audio and video lesson access covering the Absolute Beginner to Advanced levels
  • Innovative Lesson Tools: You get PDF notes, Line-By-Line Transcripts and Vocabulary Lists with audio (Requires active 7-Day Free Trial, Basic, Premium or Premium PLUSAccount). Mobile-only users also have access to these features
  • Multiple Playback Options: Stream lessons or download an entire series to study offline, on your own time
  • Fully Integrated Learning System: Your lesson progress is synced between our websites and the App so you never lose momentum
  • Personalized Learning: Curate your own learning plan in your Lesson Library. You pick and choose the lessons you want to study
  • iCloud Sync: Never lose your lesson progress. If you close a lesson, you can return to it and continue where you left off in the lesson with iCloud Syncing. (Not available for the Android App)
  • Quick Customer Care: Easily report feedback and errors and contact our friendly customer support team from within the App
  • 34 Languages In Total: Want to try another language? This App carries all 34 of our Innovative Language Courses from AfrikaansPod101 to VietnamesePod101.
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Here’s what our users are saying about the App

Finally all my lessons at the flick of a screen. Downloaded this 10 minutes ago and I’m sold. This just might inspire me to continue renewing my Premium subscription.
- JohnnyLTN
Finally!! I have been waiting for innovative to actually release something like this forever!! So far looks like pretty much what I had hoped for, a convenient way to interface with the web content on a smartphone. And track progress more easily.
- Rocketmanblamb
Love the way this app keeps track of what I have learned and also allows me to download lessons for when I’m not near wifi. Excellent instructors and the material is well planned and executed. Thanks.
- chowpod
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