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Team Members

csaba Csaba NahoczkyCsaba was born in Eger, Hungary and has completed his M.A. in Chinese Studies. During his university years, he started teaching Hungarian, English and Mandarin Chinese to students interested in learning. He has traveled extensively around Europe and lived in China and Japan. He has a tendency to get lost in the finer points of grammar but is striving to make it all interesting. In his free time he is an avid reader of science fiction as well as anything written about language, the mind and grammar. He currently lives in Budapest but is still spending a lot of time honing his English skills.
simone Simone Kovago Simone was born and raised in Australia, and grew up speaking Hungarian at home. Currently living in Australia, she has also spent time living in Budapest, and made frequent visits to Hungary throughout her life. She hosts several series for, and manages the proofreading of all Innovative Language Learning sites.
Gergo Gergő Aradi Gergő was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary, and currently lives in Tokyo, Japan. He hosts season one of the Absolute Beginner Series. He holds a degree from the college for Foreign Trade in Budapest. Besides Hungarian, he is also fluent in English and German. In addition he is very keenly learning Japanese. He enjoys sharing his passion for languages with language learners from all over the world.
Lívia Szöllősi Lívia Szöllősi Livia was born in Budapest, Hungary and she’s a native Hungarian speaker. She is currently a research student of Language Education at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. She speaks English, Japanese, and German besides her native Hungarian. Livia has worked as a Japanese teacher in Hungary for 4 years and holds a Master of Arts in Japanese Language and Culture, and she’d like to keep her career in language teaching for both Japanese and Hungarian. She is very glad to be working with the team, and hopes that the listeners will enjoy her work as well.
Dorottya Marki Dorottya Marki Dorottya was born and raised in Budapest and moved to France after high school. She holds a Bachelor’s in Translation and Japanese Literature, and a Master’s in International Management. She has also studied and lived in Ireland and Japan for an extended period of time. Dorottya speaks Hungarian, French, English, and Japanese and is in charge of writing and proofreading the online teaching material on She enjoys the challenge of discovering new languages and cultures and is happy to share her passion with language students all over the world!
Adrienn Melczer Adrienn Melczer Adrienne was born in Hungary, and she currently lives in a small town in Hungary near the Austrian border. She is a native Hungarian speaker and fluent in English. She graduated from high school in the U.S. and later received a BA in teaching English and a postgraduate degree in European Studies. She was working in the field of teaching, administration, translation, and interpretation for many years. When she is free, she likes to go for a walk, and read a book. She is a mother of three sons.
Maria K Maria K Maria was born and raised in Debrecen, Hungary. She is a native
speaker of Hungarian and also speaks fluent English and Esperanto. She
has an MA in English Literature and Linguistics. Apart from Hungary,
she has also lived in Egypt and Kuwait. Before moving abroad, she was
teaching English and Esperanto at language schools. She likes reading,
cycling, or playing table tennis in her free time.
Vivien Sujbert
Vivien Sujbert
Vivi is a Hungarian-born marketing professional helping companies reach their audience through effective content marketing strategies. She has vast experience in SEO copywriting, branding, and content marketing. Her native language is Hungarian, but she speaks both English and German fluently. She is an economics graduate. She completed an MBA program in English at the Corvinus University of Budapest. During her university career, she has met several foreign students who inspired her to learn more about cultures and languages. Her true passion for storytelling and learning foreign languages motivates her to help people learn Hungarian all around the world.
Levente Csibi Levente Csibi Levente was born in Szolnok, Hungary and has also lived in Porto, Portugal and Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He successfully completed an engineering bachelor program in 2018 and a management master program in 2019, and resettled in Budapest soon afterwards. Alongside his studies, he has always showed an outstanding passion towards languages, travelling, and interacting with local people. Besides his mother tongue, he has successfully learned English, French, Romanian, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, and some Turkish. Most of these languages he has learned entirely by himself. He is currently learning Serbo-Croatian. In his free time, he really likes improving his cooking skills, raising plants, researching his family tree, and planning his next trip to forgotten and less known destinations.