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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone, this is your HungarianPod101 host, Lena. Today's Top Words topic is 10 Ways to Remember Words. Let's go!
1. ismétléssel "through repetition"
Ismétléssel tanultam meg a verset. "I learned the poem through repetition."
Well, this is how I learned poems, it's cool. I was going section by section, it usually works, so it's a good way to remember words.
2. TV sorozatokat néz feliratosan "to watch a TV series with subtitles"
A barátnőm amerikai TV sorozatokat néz feliratosan. "My friend watches American TV series with subtitles."
I would recommend watching Hungarian animation series because those were pretty good back then, for example, Mézga család, it's really funny. The translation is "the Mézga family." Mézga is the family name of the family members and yeah, it's very funny, I would recommend that.
3. írásban gyakorol "to practice by writing"
A diák írásban gyakorolja a nyelvtant. "The student practices grammar by writing."
It's not always necessary to know how to write language but of course, it's better if you know how to write the actual words properly. And with Hungarian it's not that tricky, we usually pronounce the words the way they are written.
4. hangosan olvas "to read out loud"
Mikor szöveget memorizálok, hangosan olvasom a sorokat. "When I memorize a text, I read the lines out loud."
And that's true, that's what I do, that's how I used to study when I was a student. And even now, when I try to memorize something and I'm at home, I prefer to read the lines out loud, it really helps. I think a lot of senses, if they're involved, not only your eyes that read the text, but you can also kind of hear yourself saying what you want to memorize, you get more channels involved, then you can memorize things better. Please try it when you learn Hungarian.
And on HungarianPod101.com, we also have a feature called voice recorder tool, and if you click that, you can record your own voice and play it back and compare it to the native speaker. So if you learn Hungarian through our site, please use that feature.
5. történeteket talál ki "to make up stories"
A képzelőereje erősítése érdekében történeteket talál ki. "To strengthen her imagination, she makes up stories."
Well, I personally think of how to present what I want to say. I like to present in a funny way or that they enjoy my story, basically, even though it's not something fantasy or a made-up story.
6. hallás után memorizál "to memorize by listening"
Hallás után memorizáltam a tegnapi előadást. "I memorized yesterday's lecture by listening."
There were some classmates which were able to do that, and I was always so jealous because, I think, I always had to look at my notes and study more at home, I couldn't just sit in a lecture and then remember everything the next day. So I really admire people who are able to do that.
7. egyszerű szövegeket olvas "to read simple texts"
Mikor egy új nyelvet tanulok először egyszerű szövegeket olvasok.
"When I study a new language, first I read simple texts."
I heard that when you learn a new language, and if you learn a more complicated language, then it's better to start with books for kids, because those are designed in a more special way, I guess different association like images, sound, what helps
children or people who don't speak that language memorize the words or simple sentences better. If I want to start a new language then I would definitely try it out.
8. dalszövegeket tartalmazó dalokat hallgat "to listen to songs with lyrics"
Megkönnyíti a nyelvtanulást ha dalszövegeket tartalmazó dalokat hallgatsz az adott nyelven. "Learning a language is easy if you listen to songs in that language with the lyrics."
That was something that I used to do, I was listening to my favorite band and sometimes I tried to sing the song, sing the lyrics. And I think it helped a little bit, the pronunciation of words that I didn't know before. And it's a fun way to learn something new, so I recommend that method as well.
9. alvás előtt ismétel "to repeat before going to sleep"
Alvás előtt mindig elismétlem az új szavakat, amiket aznap hallottam. "I always repeat the new words I hear during the day before going to sleep."
When I was working in a different country, I used to, well, I used English during work, but I heard other people using that particular language of the country and if I caught a word which is completely new for me, I try to take a note, then in my free time, look it up in the dictionary, and then just check it again at the end of the day or before starting working again the next day. And it was helping me a lot.
10. barátokkal beszélget "to talk with friends"
Sokat segít a nyelvtanulásban ha külföldi barátokkal beszélgetsz. "It helps a lot in language learning if you talk with your foreign friends."
My advice is that even if you are shy, it's very very beneficial to talk to someone who is native in that other language. I think they would understand that you're still in the learning process so they won't expect you to speak perfectly. The reason why I think it's very important is that you get a chance to use the language and express your thoughts in a conversation rather than just writing an essay or just practicing on your own, which are also important but I think if you're in a situation where you have to improvise, it's more intense, it can help you to put the language in actual use and will help you to be more brave to use the language and your brain is going to push you through to achieve this goal.
That's all for this video. Thank you very much for watching, and leave a comment in the comment section. See you next time, bye!