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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone, this is Hungarian Top Words, and this is your host, Lena, again. And today we're going to learn 10 Hungarian Foods.
1. gulyásleves "goulash soup"
A gulyáslevest sokan ismerik világszerte. "Goulash soup is recognized worldwide."
If you get a chance to try that soup out, go for it, it's so good. It's so rich in flavor, the main ingredient is beef. I saw some recipe online including pork, but no, it's supposed to be beef. And with a lot of vegetables, and it looks red because we use a lot of paprika powder in Hungarian cuisine, don't be scared, it's not spicy at all. In most restaurants they give you the spicy pepper in a separate plate so you can adjust the spiciness. It's very good, please try it.
2. Gundel-palacsinta "Gundel pancake"
A Gundel-palacsintát meg kell kóstolnod. "You should try the Gundel pancake."
Most people, when they think of pancake, they think of the American pancakes, which are the thick, round pancakes. But in Hungary, we don't really make those, what we make as pancakes are more similar to the French crepes so they are very thin, and they are actually not that difficult to make if you have the right ratio of the ingredients. What I can also say is that the difference between French crepes and Hungarian palacsinta is that the Hungarian palascinta edges are crispy, so it's not an even dough, so it's soft in most parts and the edges are crispy. That's the feature that makes it more delicious. Please try that if you get a chance, it's so good. It's so good, I wanna make it right now.
3. gyulai kolbász "Gyulai sausage"
A gyulai kolbász fűszeres. "Gyulai sausage is spicy."
You can eat some type of sausages even raw, you don't have to cook them. They have a lot of spice, and black pepper or garlic in it, there are small ones, some are prepared with paprika powder so they have a deep red color. Hungarian sausages are just great, so great. When I cook them, not only my neighbor but the end of the street can smell the great food smell.
4. halászlé "fisherman's soup"
Halászlét ettünk a Tisza parton. "We ate fisherman's soup on the shore of the Tisza river."
I actually did that in a restaurant when we were on a one day trip next to the Tisza river with our family friends, and they have some restaurants around the area which serve "fisherman's soup", halászlé, made with the fish they caught from Tisza river. And it's very very fresh and it's very very tasty. This soup is made with freshwater fish, not saltwater fish because that's what's common in Hungary because we don't have a sea or ocean, we only have lakes and rivers. In this fisherman's soup, in Hungary, we usually use freshwater fish and the most common one is carp and that's what I usually had in that soup. There might be other types of fish that are cooked in this soup. If you like freshwater fish, then please try this soup.
5. kolbász "sausage"
Kolbászt tettem a rántottámba. "I added sausage in my scrambled eggs."
If you use Hungarian sausage, you can add it into scrambled eggs as well, it will be so amazing. Such a simple dish but so amazing, please try it.
6. libamáj "goose liver"
A libamáj nagyon finom de nagyon drága. "Goose liver is delicious but very expensive."
Hungarian goose liver is very famous, so in souvenir shops, you can sometimes find it in a can. You can find cheaper versions in the supermarket but those are probably mixed with some duck liver or chicken liver, so it's not 100% goose liver, but still, it has the flavor of the goose liver.
I think, from my experience, cheaper in Hungary than in any other countries, so if you visit a Hungary restaurant, please make sure to try something with goose liver. The meals that I used to have with goose liver was fried goose liver, or goose liver on steak, or goose liver with some glazed fruits and sweet sauce, and those are so good, especially those ones with the glazed fruits. It's so good, each bite is just like a dream, I couldn't believe it, I almost had a heart attack. So so good. Hungarian goose liver is awesome.
7. paprika "paprika"
A magyar ételek egyik fő hozzávalója a paprika. "One of the main ingredients of Hungarian dishes is paprika."
Paprika is something very essential when you cook Hungarian meals. We use fresh paprika, we use dry paprika, paprika powder; there are various types, various colors, various kinds, spicy, not spicy. You can make stuffed paprika because some of those are very huge. And the good thing is that Hungarian paprika is very very cheap and you can eat it raw, you can eat it in a salad, you can eat it in a cooked meal, it's very versatile and it has vitamin C; it's very healthy and good for you. Paprika is just essential to our daily life.
8. paprikás csirke "chicken paprikash"
Paprikás csirke nokedlivel és savanyúsággal volt ebédre. "I ate Chicken paprikash with dumplings and pickles for lunch."
Paprikás csirke is so good, it's awesome, and that's all I can say about it.
9. Pick szalámi "Pick salami"
Pick szalámis kenyeret hoztam reggelire. "I brought bread with Pick salami for breakfast."
This is something that, I think, pretty common to put into your sandwich. Pick salami is very good, it's very rich in flavor, and it's very salty so I recommend to have it on bread with butter or margarine, and then thin slices of the salami. And you can put some Hungarian paprika slices, fresh, on the top of it, then you'd be good to go for breakfast.
10. töltött káposzta "stuffed cabbage"
Már rég ettem töltött káposztát. "I haven't had stuffed cabbage in a while."
Stuffed cabbage is a little bit heavy, I don't really cook it in the summer, I cook it when the weather is colder. But of course, if you like stuffed cabbage, you can have it any time, it's just my personal choice.
Stuffed cabbage in Hungary is not always with tomato sauce, what I saw in other countries. We make it that way as well, but we also cook it with sauerkraut, the sour cabbage; that version is very very nice too, the flavor is a little bit sour, obviously, and you can add some sour cream in it, what makes the sour taste more mild, and it's a very very tasty meal. Please try it if you haven't tried it yet.
This is the end of our list, thank you for watching the video. Please let us know if you've tried any Hungarian dishes, and if you have any favorite. See you in the next video, bye!