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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! This is Lena from HungarianPod101.com. Today's Top Words topic is 10 Reasons to Learn Hungarian. Let's go!
1. Ez egy szép nyelv! "It's a beautiful language!"
That's true, Hungarian is a beautiful language.
2. magyar barátokkal beszélget "to chat with Hungarian friends"
Sokkal érdekesebb a magyar nyelvet használni ha magyar barátokkal beszélgetsz. "It's much more interesting to use the Hungarian language when you chat with Hungarian friends."
3. fordításokat csinál "to do translations"
A külföldi barátnőm magyar fordításokat csinál. "My foreign friend does Hungarian translations."
If you're someone doing that, please leave us a comment, because that's just amazing, and we would like to share our appreciation for that.
4. filmeket néz felirat nélkül "to watch movies without subtitles"
Ha elég jól tudsz magyarul, akkor a magyar filmeket felirat nélkül nézheted. "If you know Hungarian well enough, then you can watch Hungarian movies without subtitles."
5. Magyarországon él "to live in Hungary"
A német barátnőm Magyarországon él. "My German friend lives in Hungary."
I have some French friends living in Hungary and they really enjoy living in Hungary, everybody said that. The rent is cheap and the food is good. So what else do you need?
6. több élvezetes vakációt tölt Magyarországon "to have more enjoyable vacations in Hungary"
A kollégám több élvezetes vakációt szeretne tölteni Magyarországon. "My colleague wants to have more enjoyable vacations in Hungary."
7. megérti a dalszöveget "to understand song lyrics"
Megértetted ezt a dalszöveget? "Do you understand this song's lyrics?"
Hungarian song, sometimes they have some fun lyrics, and sometimes you can learn some contemporary slang from it. And what I really like about Hungarian song or poems, in general, is that the vocabulary of Hungarian language is really rich and colorful, and we can express various things just in various ways and I think it's very fun. I like playing with words, so if you're able to understand Hungarian lyrics, then I think you've reached a pretty good level in Hungarian. And please try to aim for that because it's really really fun.
8. barátokat szerez "to make new friends"
Ha ismered az adott nyelvet, könnyebben szerzel új barátokat külföldön. "If you know the language, you'll make new friends abroad easier."
9. hogy magyar rokonokkal tudjon telefonon beszélni "to be able to speak with Hungarian relatives on the phone"
A barátnőm minden erejét a magyar tanulásba vetette, hogy a magyar rokonokkal tudjon telefonon beszélni. "My friend gave all her energy to learning Hungarian so that she could speak with her Hungarian relatives on the phone."
10. magyar cégekkel üzletel "to do business with Hungarian companies"
A főnököm magyar cégekkel üzletel. "My boss does business with Hungarian companies."
Thank you for watching our video, this is the end of our list. Please let us know if there is any other reason why you're studying Hungarian. And see you in the next video. Bye!