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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! This is Lena, and this is Hungarian Top Words. Today's topic is Top 10 Compliments You Always Want to Hear. Let's go!
1. Jóképű vagy. "You're handsome."
Say this compliment to men because we use this word jóképű towards men. Yes.
2. Okos vagy! "You're smart!"
You can use this with everyone.
3. Te egy fantasztikus barát vagy. "You're an awesome friend."
Please use this to compliment your friends, they'll be very happy.
4. Nagyon jó ötlet! "Very nice idea!"
I usually use it when I'm with my friends and they suggest something fun to do, and then I want to express how happy I am about it, and then I just say Nagyon jó ötlet!
"Let's go to the zoo!" Menjünk az állatkertbe!
"Very nice idea!" Nagyon jó ötlet!
5. Az önéletrajza lenyűgöző. "Your resume is impressive."
This is really nice to hear when you're in a job interview or when you get the result. And as an employer, I would be happy to say it to the person. Yes.
6. Nagyszerű munka! "Great job!"
I like using this compliment in regular daily life. Yeah, Ilike complimenting people, so I think this is something that what I like to show my appreciation towards other people.
So HungarianPod students, "Great job!" Nagyszerű munka!
7. Jól áll rajtad az a dzseki. "That jacket looks nice on you."
Say this when you are going shopping with your friend and they ask your opinion about an item, a jacket that they want to buy, and if you think that it fits them and looks good on them, use this compliment. Also, you can use this when you meet someone and you think that their jacket looks awesome. You can use this in both situations.
8. Jó ízlésed van. "You have good taste."
I'm happy when I hear this as a compliment.
9. Szép a mosolyod. "Your smile is beautiful."
this is a very nice compliment, and it makes people happy. So, smiling is always good, and I think every smiling face is beautiful in a way, definitely, because it shows happiness and it brightens up the person's face and emotions and everything. So I like this compliment, and I like saying this compliment.
10. Gyönyörűen nézel ki. "You look gorgeous."
Use this compliment if you would like to compliment on someone's look in Hungarian, in a more on-the-top way. So, stronger then just "you look great today!" Ma nagyon jól nézel ki!
So if you say Gyönyörűen nézel ki, it's extra, that person is amazed about how you look.
In Hungary, it's more common to say it to women, so use it with women.
Thank you for watching this video, I hope that you like this lesson. Please let us know in a comment what other compliments you like to hear or say to others. And visit our site, HungarianPod101.com for more great contents. And see you in the next video, bye!