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Lesson Transcript

Ok, focus!
Hi, everyone, this is your host, Lena, from HungarianPod101.com
Today's Top Words video topic is Top 10 Phrases You'll Need for a Date. Let's go!
1. Velem vacsoráznál? "Would you like to go out to dinner with me?"
It’s a very common question if you are asking someone out for a dinner date in Hungary. So if you hear this, the person wants to go out to a dinner with you. Yes.
2. Ráérsz ezen a hétvégén? "Are you free this weekend?"
This is not necessarily suggestion for a date but you can use it if you are not sure if the person is interested in you 100% like in a romantic way, maybe just as a friend but still this question is safe to ask if you want to hang out with the person during the weekend.
3. Szeretnél együtt lógni velem? "Would you like to hang out with me?"
This is quite casual question in Hungarian. The nuance is quite casual. So it’s not referring to any romantic date suggestion. So it is just like you can say it to your buddies like would you like to hang out with me Szeretnél együtt lógni velem? Yeah. You can use it that way but at the same time again, if you are not sure if the other person whom you like likes you back the same way but you just you know want to spend time with the person, feel free to ask this question. It’s safe.
4. Annyira aranyos vagy. "You are so cute."
Yes. This is a nice compliment Annyira aranyos vagy. Yes. I like that and I like to say it to other people too even though I might be not interested in a romantic way in them but yeah, if you like a guy or if you like a girl, they will probably be very happy if you say this to them.
5. Remekül nézel ki. "You look great."
Again, this is a compliment which is safe to use and it just makes people feel good. So use it either in a friendly or a romantic way.
6. Nagyszerű este volt. "That was a great evening."
At the end of your date night, don’t forget to thank the person who went out with you and a great way to do that is to say this sentence.
7. Majd hívlak. "I'll call you."
This is tricky. The person can mean it or not.
8. Hány órakor találkozzunk holnap? "What time should we meet tomorrow?"
Use this question when you would like to arrange the date or just an appointment with someone. It can be used either way. Just arrive on time.
9. Láthatlak újra? "Can I see you again?"
It’s a positive sign after a date if you get this question. I think in Hungary; it’s used mainly by men so that they show that they are interested in their date. No, I don’t say it to guys, sorry, no. Okay, use this question if you are interested in meeting your date next time.
10. Menjünk máshova? "Shall we go somewhere else?"
Use this question when you would like to switch places. For example, you want to try another location to hang out or you don’t like the place where your date is but you don’t want to say it directly. So, you can just ask, Menjünk máshova? And then yeah, you can switch places. This is the end of our list. Thank you for watching this video. Let us know in the comments what other questions or compliments you would say during a date. See you next time. Bye.