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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone. This is Lena from HungarianPod101.com, today’s top words topic is 10 Most Romantic Ideas for a Date.
1. Gyertyafényes vacsora
“candlelit dinner.”
A barátnőjét egy gyertyafényes vacsorával várta.
“He was waiting for his girlfriend with a candlelit dinner.”
2. Egy hosszú sétára megy
“to go for a long walk.”
Egy hosszú sétára megyünk délután.
“We're going for a long walk in the afternoon.”
I like long walks but not only for a date but in general. So if my date wants to bring me for a long walk, I am really happy to go.
3. Bowlingozni megy
“to go bowling”
A barátaim bowlingozni mennek.
“My friends are going bowling.”
4. Akváriumba megy
“to go to the aquarium”
Mikor megyünk az akváriumba?
“When are we going to the aquarium?”
5. Operába megy
“to go to the opera”
Kivel mész az operába?
“Who are you going to the opera with?”
The Opera in Hungary is really nice. We have a really nice Opera house. So, if you have a chance to visit Hungary and visit Budapest, make sure to go there at least to see the building or if you get a chance to see a piece, then I really recommend it because it’s a really nice experience.
6. Állatkertbe megy
“to go to the zoo”
Imádok az állatkertbe menni!
“I love going to the zoo!”
Yes, that’s true. I really like animals and I really like nature. So, I like going to the zoo and in Budapest, we also have a quite big zoo. In my hometown, we have a zoo which is actually inside the forest. Yeah, I prefer that type of zoo where you can see the animals in nature and they can walk on the actual ground, not on concrete surface and things like that. So yeah, I really like that about my hometown that they established a zoo like that.
7. Piknikezik
“to have a picnic”
Eleredt az eső mikor piknikeztünk.
“It started to rain when we had a picnic.”
We usually had a picnic on the sports day of our Elementary school. So we went outside to green area and we had those exercises and races but after that, we had a picnic and we could play and it was really fun but one day, I don’t know how the teachers planned that. Nobody checked the weather forecast but just right before the start of the running race as far as I remember, it started to rain so heavy and everybody had their blankets on the grass or they laid out and their stuff just on it and yeah, we really weren’t prepared for that and it started to rain so heavy that we had to rush back to pick up our stuff so that we can save the situation and then we just took the bus and went back home and it was a really traumatic and sad experience.
8. Egy komp útra megy
“to take a ferry ride.”
Szombaton egy komp útra megyünk a szüleimmel.
“On Saturday, we'll take a ferry ride with my parents.”
9. Sétál a tengerparton
“to walk on the beach.”
Egy pár sétál a tengerparton.
“A couple is walking on the beach.”
Walking on the beach is nice. Hungary doesn’t have sea or ocean. We have rivers and lakes but even we have huge lake called Lake Balaton and it’s that big that it can feel like a sea.
So it’s fun to walk on the beach there and it’s romantic. The nature is beautiful. So if you want to bring your date in Hungary to a place like that, then please go to Lake Balaton. It’s really nice.
10. Kerámia órát vesz
“to take a pottery class.”
Kerámia órát fogok venni az iskolában.
“I will take a pottery class at school.”
We never had pottery class at school but there was some extra lesson I guess.
I never took it but I did pottery on a different occasion. So I am pretty sure it’s a very good idea for a date because it’s fun, you can do it together and yeah, I would enjoy that.
Thank you for watching our video. This is the end of our list of the romantic ideas. If you have anything extra to recommend, please leave it in the comments. Thank you for watching again and see you next time. Bye.