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Lesson Transcript

Hello! Welcome to HungarianPod101.com! This is Lena, and today we are going to learn Hungarian Top Words. Let's begin! Our first topic is 10 ways to save the planet in Hungarian. Let's go!
1. újrahasznosít "to recycle"
Anya újrahasznosítja a savanyúság üvegét. "Mom recycles the pickles jar."
Yeah, I often do that, too, because, you know, after it's the content is gone, then I just wash it and then put some, I don't know, tea, or something in it, and it's cool. You can put some cute stickers on it so it works out well.
2. önkéntes "volunteer"
Önkéntes voltam Afrikában. "I was a volunteer in Africa."
I haven't done any volunteer work but I would be really interested in doing something in the future. Have you done any volunteer work? Please leave a comment below.
3. megóv "to conserve"
Az előírás megóvja a történelmi épületeket. "The regulation conserves historical buildings."
Yeah, it happens in my hometown as well. We have a lot of historical buildings, and they try to just renovate the old buildings instead of tearing it down, and I really appreciate that because then, you know, you have really nice historical atmosphere when you're walking the main street. So, yeah, that's a good thing; it's better to conserve instead of, you know, making everything brand-new.
4. hulladékcsökkentés "waste reduction"
Olvastam egy cikket a hulladékcsökkentésről. "I read an article about waste reduction."
Actually, what I do for waste reduction, I try to buy less food, like, you know, ready food from the supermarket what they pack in those plastic trays or packaging, so that I don't have so much plastic waste. Try to do that too.
5. ügyel a környezetre "to care for the environment"
A szomszédos gyár ügyel a környezetre. "The factory nearby cares for the environment."
And just remember that when I was studying abroad, next to the the place where I was living there was a factory and it just blew so much, I don't know, I don't know what it was, probably it was smoke but it didn't smell like smoke, but it was more like, maybe, what is it called… steam. Yeah, so I wasn't sure what they were doing but hopefully they were caring for the environment.
6. környezetbarát termékeket használ "to use eco-friendly products"
A családom környezetbarát termékeket használ. "My family uses eco-friendly products."
Yeah, vinegar could be an eco-friendly product, better than bleach, yeah. Other eco-friendly products where you can use as well, just by using an eco bag when you're going shopping, that could count one as one. Less harsh detergents and less plastic.
7. energiagatakarékos "power saving"
Ez egy energiatakarékos izzó. "This is a power-saving bulb."
Yeah, power saving bulbs are good, they last long and, they are usually more expensive but I don't know, in my opinion, I think it’s worth it, and it's good to have something power saving for my wallet as well.
8. biciklivel közlekedik "to travel by bicycle"
Az apukám biciklivel közlekedik. "My father travels by bicycle."
I used to ride the bicycle when I was younger, I could totally do that; but then there was a big pause I didn't ride any bicycle and I try to do that again , I don't know, 10 years, and I could go straight, I couldn't turn. So it made me so terrified that I'm like, no, I'm not going to ride the bicycle for a while. But maybe I will challenge myself again.
9. fákat ültet "to plant trees"
A diákok fákat ültetnek a parkban. "Students plant trees in the park."
There was a project when I was elementary school student, and we got some seeds, actually it was something like a special item, the seed was in a packet and then you had to plant it, and then they said that, you know, it's going to grow and you get a tree, and that was cool.
10. napenergiát használ "to use solar power"
A számológépem napenergiát használ. "My calculator uses solar power."
I don't really know how they work but you have the solar panel, plus you use batteries as well. I don't mind either of them but having the solar panel on the calculator is cool and you can use it forever.
And that's the end! Thank you very much for watching and listening to these long Hungarian words! Just keep practicing and then you'll just get better and better. See you next time in the next video! Bye!