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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! This is Lena from HungarianPod101.com
And this is Top Words. Today, we're going to learn 15 Favorite Words (Chosen by Fans). Let's go!
1. apa "father"
Apa minden nap kocsival megy dolgozni. "My father goes to work by car every day."
2. Bocsánat. "Sorry."
You can use this expression to say that you're sorry when you are bumping into someone, or you did something wrong. We have another expression to say "excuse me", which is elnézést. This has a little bit different nuance and you can use that when you are calling the waiter, for instance. But don't use bocsánat at that time.
3. boldog "happy"
A húgom boldog volt mikor meglátta az ajándékát. "My younger sister was happy when she saw her present."
4. Csaó! "Bye!"
This word came from, I think, Italian. It's kind of a slang, it's cool to say it to your friends.
5. finom "tasty"
Nagyon finom a húsleves! "The meat soup is very tasty."
Do you like meat soup?
6. Köszönöm! "Thank you!"
This is a simple way to say "thank you" in Hungarian. If you want to express more gratitude, then you can say ngayon köszönöm, "thank you very much". So, yep, köszönöm.
7. Nagyszerű! "Awesome!"
You can use this expression with everyone, but if want to sound more cool with your friends or with younger people, then you can say király! or Cool!
8. Oké. "Okay!"
This is a kind of casual slangish way to talk. If you're talking to strangers or you're in a more formal situation, then probably it's better to say rendben van, which means "it's alright."
So use oké with your friends and with younger people.
9. sör "beer"
Utálom a sört. "I hate beer."
That's the truth.
10. kocsma "pub"
Néha elmegyek a kocsmába a barátaimmal. "Sometimes I go to the pub with my friends."
11. szabadság "day off, holiday"
Májusban szabadságot veszek ki. "I take a holiday in May."
12. szeret "to love"
Szeretem a csokoládét. "I love chocolate."
13. Szia! "Hello."
Szia is the way we greet each other with friends or you can greet younger people. You can use this with strangers or older people, in case they allow you to use informal language with them, they will say that it's ok.
Szia can be used both when you are meeting someone or when you part. So it can be either "hello" or "bye".
14. tisztel "to respect"
Tisztelem azokat, akiktől tanulok valamit. "I respect those from whom I can learn something."
15. titok "secret"
Egy titok okozta a bajt. "A secret caused the trouble."
That's the end! Thank you again for watching Hungarian Top Words! Please check our website HungarianPod101.
See you next time!