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Lesson Transcript

Hi, guys, this is Lena! And we're going to learn some more words through Top Words. Let's see our topic, 10 things to do in the summer in Hungary.
1. külföldre utazik "to travel abroad"
Az osztálytársam külföldre utazik. "My classmate travels abroad."
People in Hungary usually travel to Greece or Italy during their summer holiday. And I’ve never been to those countries yet but I'm really interested in.
2. pihen a strandon "to relax at the beach"
A turisták a strandon pihennek. "The tourists are relaxing on the beach."
3. Tanulj magyarul a HungarianPod101.com oldalon! "Learn Hungarian at HungarianPod101.com!"
What else you can do during the summer? That's the best activity.
4. megtanul magyar ételt főzni "to learn to cook Hungarian food"
A német ismerősöm nemrég megtanult magyar ételt főzni. "My German friend recently learned to cook Hungarian food."
5. grillez "to have a barbecue"
Tegnap grilleztünk a kertben. "Yesterday we had a barbecue in the garden."
In Hungary, we have various type of bacons, not only with the same with the meatball, we have full fat bacon, and that's pretty common to use during the barbecue parties. So you get the bacon, you slice it, and then you slice the top of it a little bit, and then you put it on a skewer and then barbecue it. You wait until it starts dripping fat, and then you get a slice of bread, you drip the fat on it, and then add some sauce, some red onions, and it's so good.
6. egész éjjel bulizik "to party all night"
A szobatársam a hétvégéken egész éjjel bulizik és reggel jön haza. "My roommate parties all night on weekends and comes home in the morning."
We have those funny pictures online showing a bunch of people partying, and then the bottom shows a cat in a blanket, and that's me.
7. lebarnul "to get a tan"
Nem járok a tengerhez, mert nem akarok lebarnulni. "I don't go to the sea because I don't want to get a tan."
And that's actually true.
8. kirándulni megy "to go hiking"
Egy hónapban egyszer kirándulni megyünk. "Once a month we go hiking."
In Hungary, we have a lot of nature so it's not difficult to go hiking, and you can still enjoy nature and… it's good, you should look for some nice hiking places in Hungary if you are there.
9. részmunkaidős állásban dolgozik "to work a part-time job"
A hugom részmunkaidős állásban dolgozik. "My younger sister works a part-time job."
10. nyári iskolába jár "to attend summer school"
A fiam nyári iskolába jár. "My son attends summer school."
In Hungary, summer camps are more common than summer schools, actually. They go, usually, to Lake Balaton, and there are some nice camp areas where kids have a lot of fun, so, yeah!
And that’s the end! Thank you for watching this video! Tell us what is your favorite activity during the summer. Don't forget to visit our website HungarianPod101.com for more awesome content, and don't forget to subscribe and give us a like if you like the video, and leave us a comment below. Thank you for watching. See you!