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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone, this is Lena from hungarianpod101.com, today, we are going to learn 10 Phrases for Surviving Back to School.
1. hátizsák "backpack"
Nagyon nehéz a hátizsákom. "My backpack is very heavy."
Umm… So heavy!
2. osztálytárs "classmate"
Húsz osztálytársam van. "I have twenty classmates."
3. házi feladat "homework"
Történelemből és matematikából kaptam ma házi feladatot. "Today I got history and math homework."
4. vizsga "exam"
A kémia vizsga a legnehezebb. "The chemistry exam is the most difficult."
5. nyári szünet "summer break"
Alig várom a nyári szünetet. "I can't wait for the summer break."
6. iskola "school"
Az iskola nincs messze a házunktól. "The school isn't far from our house."
7. tanul "to study"
Nagyon szeretek tanulni. "I like studying a lot."
That’s a good thing. That’s the best thing actually what you can do.
8. Ez az első nap az osztályban. "It's the first day of class."
First day of class is usually still a little bit loose. If you are in a new school, then it’s more about getting to know others and your teachers. So I think it’s a pleasant thing especially if you are looking forward to studying at that particular school but it can be difficult if you hate school. How did you feel on the first day of class? Please let us know in the comments section.
9. Ugyan abba az osztályba járunk! "We're in the same class!"
Especially when you are changing schools and you meet your classmate from, for example elementary school or kindergarten and then, it’s like a reunion and you are saying, we are in the same class.
10. Milyen órákra jársz? "What classes are you taking?"
This is a common question especially at university. Well, at least it was in my case because we were curious about which class others are taking, which are the popular ones. Also, when we wanted to know more about the certain teacher, then, yeah it was a way to find it out. So it was a very, very common question at that time.
Thank you for watching this video. We are at the end of our list. How about your experiences about school? Is there a common question or a common expression what you are asking your classmates or people about their school experiences? Please let us know in the comments section and see you next time. Bye!