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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone. Our topic today is 10 Must-Know Autumn Vocabulary. Let’s go.
1. Pulóver
Vennem kell pár új pulóvert.
“I need to buy a few new sweaters.”
2. Esős
Szeretem az esős időt.
“I like rainy weather.”
And that’s true. How about you? Do you like rainy weather? Leave us a comment.
3. Szeles
Ősszel gyakran szeles az idő.
“The weather is often windy in autumn.”
4. Hűvös
A rádióban hallottam, hogy ma hűvös lesz éjjel.
“I heard on the radio that it will be cool at night.”
Yeah. That’s the worst when it’s hot when you are about to fall asleep and then, suddenly it cools down and you end up with a nice sore throat on the next morning.
5. Ősz
A kedvenc évszakom az ősz.
“My favorite season is autumn.”
I like the atmosphere. I like the falling leaves, the colors.
You can eat some nice mushrooms and seasonal vegetables. Yeah, I like autumn.
I think that’s my favorite season and also it’s after summer. I hate summer the most and when it starts to cool down, I am like, Yes!
6. Hideg
Nem szeretek kimenni ha hideg az idő.
“I don't like to go outside when the weather is cold.”
7. Gesztenye
Süssünk gesztenyét holnap!
“Let's bake chestnuts tomorrow.”
Chestnuts are so good, especially in Autumn. I really like baking them but yeah it’s kind of hard to find chestnuts recently.
I used to buy them in Hungary in the market and then you have to soak it in water first because the shell softens up a little bit.
So you can make a small cut on it with a knife so that when you bake it, it’s going to crack and then you can eat it easily.
Yeah, that’s the trick. Life advice from Lena.
8. Hosszú ujjú ing
“long-sleeved shirt”
Kaptam egy kék hosszú ujjú inget a nagymamámtól.
“I got a blue, long-sleeved shirt from my grandma.”
9. Lehulló levelek
“falling leaves”
A lehulló levelek sárgára, barnára és pirosra színezik a földet.
“The falling leaves color the ground in yellow, brown, and red.”
10. Levél
Egy levél van a kerti asztalon.
“There's a leaf on the garden table.”
And this is the end. Thank you for watching the video and let us know what is your favorite thing in autumn if you have any and see you next time. Bye.