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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone. This is Lena and this is Hungarian top words. Today, we are going to learn 10 Gift Ideas You Must Know in Hungarian. Let’s go!
1. Laptop
Szükségem van egy új laptopra.
“I need a new laptop.”
That’s actually true. Mine is like six years old and it’s still working okay but I just notice that some functions are getting slow. So I am going to get a new one.
2. Parfüm
Milyen parfümöt viselsz?
“What kind of perfume are you wearing?”
Getting perfumes as a present, it’s kind of difficult if you don’t really know the person.
Yeah, what I would do is to check what kind of fragrance or perfume they are using and then buy the same one but I wouldn’t buy someone a perfume without knowing the person because it’s - I think it’s very personal.
3. Könyv
Egy könyv van az asztalon.
“There's a book on the table.”
Giving books as a present in Hungary, I think it’s quite common or it was at least common in my family and I received books often and also at my school when we were finishing a year and you did well.
Then you got a book as a present and on the first page, it was written that, “because you did so well this year, please enjoy this book” and everything and it was just a good feeling to receive it.
At least I liked it. So yeah, giving books is I think a good idea.
4. Világtérkép
“world map”
A tanár világtérképet rakott a falra.
“The teacher put a world map on the wall.”
Getting a world map, I think it’s a common present for kids who are just started school or are in elementary school.
I don’t really remember any other situations where you receive or give a world map but yeah.
5. Fényképezőgép
“photo camera”
Fényképezőgépet kértem a születésnapomra.
“I asked for a photo camera for my birthday.”
It’s like when you are a student and you need stuff for your studies, then, I guess you can ask for this kind of stuff from your parents.
6. Okostelefon
Az okostelefon egyre népszerűbb.
“Smartphones are getting popular.”
I remember when it was the time to buy a new phone. I was really hesitant to buy a smartphone because I thought that I will miss the buttons.
7. Játékkonzol
“game console”
Még sose volt játékkonzolom.
“I've never had a game console.”
I was playing on that old school tetris. I was playing on my computer which still had like MS-DOS before Windows and everything and those games were bomb like I love those games with the pixels and annoying sounds. The beeping sound and everything. Those were so good. And I remember, I spent hours playing those. Those were the good days.
8. Egy repülőjegy Magyarországra
“an airplane ticket to Hungary.”
Vettem egy repülőjegyet Magyarországra.
“I bought an airplane ticket to Hungary.”
The price varies based on when you are traveling or from where you are traveling. Within Europe, it’s pretty easy because they have those cheaper air companies. So you can get it pretty cheap but if you’re traveling from a more far destination, then I would recommend going around February or even around July. I was surprised when I found out that the airplane ticket prices weren’t that bad in July because I thought that it’s summer times. Everybody is traveling and it’s going to be super expensive but it really wasn’t. I would be so happy to receive it as a present.
9. Ajándékkártya
“gift card”
Kaptam egy ajándékkártyát a kollégámtól.
“I got a gift card from my colleague.”
Gift cards are convenient because if you don’t really know the person that you are buying a present for, then you can choose a gift card option.
So in that way, the person can purchase something that they like.
10. Nyakkendő
Melyik nyakkendő illik ehhez az inghez?
“Which necktie matches this shirt?”
I know that there are like unwritten rules when you choose neckties. It’s a pretty sensitive topic I think for men especially when they have to care for a strict dress code and things like that.
I would probably go with the person to choose the necktie. That’s the safest.
And we are at the end of the list. Thank you very much for watching this video.
Please let us know which option is the thing that you are usually buying as a present for someone or which item makes you the happiest when you get it.
See you in the next video. Bye.