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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone. This is Lena from HungarianPod101.com, this is top words. Let’s check another topic. Today’s topic is What are Your Top 10 Language Learning Goals for the Year? Let’s go.
1. A HungarianPod101.com "Túlélési kifejezések" leckesorozatát úgy tervezem befejezni, hogy minden nap végighallgatok két leckét.
“I'm planning to finish Survival Phrases lecture series on HungarianPod101.com by listening to two lessons a day.”
I think it’s very important to study daily when you are learning a new language.
At least just repeat things that you learned the previous day if you don’t have time for a new lesson.
It’s very beneficial. So yeah, please check our site and just – just study Hungarian at HungarianPod101.com
2. Úgy fogok kiolvasni egy magyar nyelvű könyvet, hogy naponta 10 oldallal haladok tovább.
“I'll finish reading one Hungarian book by proceeding with 10 pages a day.”
Are you reading some Hungarian books? If you do, please let us know the title in the comments section.
3. Átmegyek a magyar teszten.
“I'll pass the Hungarian test.”
Have you ever tried to pass a Hungarian language exam or a test? I am really curious. So please if you have, then leave us a comment below.
4. Teljesen érteni fogok egy magyar filmet úgy, hogy minden nap megnézem.
“I will fully understand a Hungarian movie by watching it every day.”
Watching movies when you are learning a new language is both fun and beneficial and I used to do that.
Also, I used to listen – listening to songs in English while I was studying English. So both movies and songs are pretty good I think.
It’s not really study, study but it’s like entertainment and study. So I am wondering if you use such tools for learning Hungarian, which songs or which movies you are watching to get better in Hungarian. Please let us know.
5. Tartok egy háromperces bevezető beszédet magyarul a magyar barátaimnak.
“I'll give a 3-minute introductory speech in Hungarian to my Hungarian friends.”
I just remember that while I was studying English or even Japanese, I was practicing by memorizing longer texts.
It’s maybe a little bit difficult but, definitely, it helps you to get comfortable with speaking in that particular language.
And then if you prepare the text on your own, then, while you are translating, you can also learn new words.
So, that was one way that I use while studying a language. So I think it worked.
6. Megtanulok 5 magyar dalt.
“I'll learn 5 Hungarian songs.”
If you do the same, please let me know which Hungarian songs do you like.
7. Megtanulok 350 szót a HungarianPod101.com oldalán lévő szókártyák segítségével.
“I'll memorize 350 words with the help of Flashcards on HungarianPod101.com.”
Our flashcard feature is pretty useful. So if you are not familiar with this option, then, please check it out on HungarianPod101.com
8. Írok 10 képeslapot magyarul a magyar barátaimnak.
“I'll write 10 postcards in Hungarian to my Hungarian friends.”
I used to send postcards while I was traveling abroad, not all the time but sometimes when there was a special opportunity to get a cool card, then I definitely sent it to my friends or family.
9. Megtanulom hogyan beszéljek múlt-, jelen- és jövőbeli eseményekről.
“I'll learn how to talk about past, present and future events.”
Yeah, this can be useful when you prepare that three minutes introductory speech for your friends.
For example, you can talk about your – yes, I remember, when I was learning the language, it was one of the homework that you had to write about your – not daily routine but like weekly routine.
So you were talking about what you did at the beginning of the week and what you are doing right now and what you are planning to do during the weekend.
So such compositions could be something that helps you to learn about or write about past, present and future events.
10. Elsajátítok 150 szót úgy, hogy minden nap megtanulok ötöt.
“I'll master 150 words by memorizing 5 words a day.”
For this purpose, you can use our flashcards. So check HungarianPod101.com, Promotion! And it’s the end. Yes, end of the super long Hungarian sentences. Oh yes! Hungarian language is so beautiful and so long.
Thank you for watching this video. Please let us know if there is something mentioned about your language learning goals for the year and see you next time. Bye!