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Lesson Transcript

Hello, everyone! This is Hungarian Top Words, and this is Lena again with you, to teach you some awesome Hungarian phrases. Let's see today's topic. 10 Phrases You Never Want to Hear! Let's go!
Our first example is...
1. Felszedtél pár kilót mostanában? "Have you gained weight recently?"
Well, it's not the most pleasant question to hear, yeah, but if you are body-building then maybe you're happy to hear that.
2. Van egy ősz hajszálad. "You have a gray hair."
It depends on the person, I guess. I also have a lot of gray hair so if someone says it, it's like, it's normal! I started to get them when I was in university, I guess. Stress!
Yeah, but anyway, some people, I guess, are sensitive about it, some people don't; depends on the person, but if you want to be careful then it's better not to mention it.
3. Én megmondtam. "I told you so!"
In situations when you already know that you made a mistake or something happened, and then someone just tells you this, it's like, it's so annoying! Like, stop it! I know!
This is something that I also don't really like to hear, so just probably better to avoid using when you're around people that you're not so close with. But even with my friends, I'm like, okay.
4. Ki vagy rúgva! "You're fired!"
Our next one is...
Ki vagy rúgva! "You're fired!"
Yeah, this is bad.
5. Nem miattad, hanem miattam. "It is not you, it is me."
6. Köszönjük az önéletrajzát. A pozíciót már betöltötték. "Thank you for your resume. However, the position has been filled."
Yeah, this is really annoying when you are anticipating to get the job and the job interview went just fine and you are 100% confident that you're gonna get the job, and then you hear this, and you're like, okay...
But even if you hear this, just be positive and go for the next one.
7. Más embereket is meg kellene ismernünk. "We should see other people."
When you want to break up with your partner, but you don't want to give the direct suggestion right away, then you can say this as a comment, or you might hear it as a comment. And probably it's not the most pleasant thing to hear when you're in a relationship.
8. Ma nem tudom megadni a pénzed. "I don't have your money today."
9. Beszélnünk kell. "We need to talk."
Yeah, "we need to talk", it's something that you will eventually hear in your life, in serious situations. So even if it's something that you don't want to hear, you'll probably hear it, so be prepared. Well, normally, it's not always dramatic.
"We need to talk." It's not like that
10. Bocsánat, elfelejtettem. "Sorry, I forgot!"
It can be annoying when it's something important that you're anticipating or expecting to happen, and then it doesn't happen because the other person forgot it. What can you do? Just be patient and the situation will turn into a positive situation, hopefully.
And that's the end! Thank you very much for watching this video. Please let us know which one you really don't like to hear in the comment section. And see you in the next video, bye!