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Lesson Transcript

Hello, everyone! This is Lena and this is Hungarian Top Words. Today, we are going to learn 10 Phrases to Amaze Native Speakers.
1. Köszönöm, de igazság szerint nem ez az anyanyelvem. "Thank you but I'm not a native speaker, actually."
If you are super fluent in the language and then people comment or even think that you are from that country, and then you say that, then people are going to be really surprised.
2. Mindössze egy évbe telt, hogy megtanuljak folyékonyan beszélni. "It took me only one year to become fluent."
When people ask you how long have you been studying a language and then you say it took you just a year to become fluent, then it's definitely impressive.
3. Három éven belül anyanyelvi szinten fogok magyarul beszélni. "I’ll speak Hungarian like a native speaker in 3 years."
Please challenge yourself and let us know if it worked out, I'm really curious, how long it took for our viewers to get it, not only into native level but, like, just conversational level. Try it!
4. Tíz éve tanulok magyarul. "I've been learning Hungarian for 10 years."
How about you? How long have you been studying Hungarian?
Please let us know in the comment section.
5. Magyar filmeket felirat nélkül is tudok nézni. "I can watch Hungarian movies without subtitles."
To be able to watch Hungarian movies without subtitles, I think, you have to be pretty much a native speaker level, depends on the movie,too. But sometimes you hear slangs or regional language then that could be a little bit difficult to understand. I think it's a good challenge to try how
fluent you are to watch a movie without the subtitles, and then, for example, have a discussion with your friends about the movie or the words, that could be a really good practice.
6. Meg tudok jegyezni 50 magyar szót egy nap alatt. "I can memorize 50 Hungarian words a day."
Memorizing 50 words a day is pretty impressive! I think I've never tried than much.
7. A magyar nyelv szórakoztató és könnyen tanulható! "Hungarian is fun and easy to learn!"
That's right! Hungarian language is very interesting, I think. We have a lot of sounds, various ways how we can talk about something or even say a word. Because of that, our literature is pretty rich as well, if you are looking for a fun language which is not really widespread yet, then please try.
8. A magyar nyelven kívül egyéb nyelveken is beszélek. "Apart from knowing Hungarian, I can speak a few other languages as well."
I speak Hungarian, English, and Japanese fluently. How about you, how many languages do you speak?
9. Magamtól tanulok magyarul. "I'm learning Hungarian all by myself."
That's very impressive, I think, if people ask you how do you study Hungarian and if you say, oh, it's all by myself because
I'm interested, and they'll be both happy and impressed. I wonder if there are any sources in your country to study Hungarian, or are you going to language school, or do you take lessons from a
teacher, or are you just studying on your own? I'm very interested so please let us know in the comment section.
10. Gyakran beszélek magyarul álmomban. "I often speak in Hungarian in my dreams."
That's a very interesting thing that if you get to that level that you start to think and even dream in a foreign language, then probably you're really good at it.
And this is the end of our list, if someone speaks your language and then they say one of these phrases, how would you react? Please write about it in the comment section, and please like the video. Don't forget to subscribe to HungarianPod101.com for more Hungariann content, and see you in the next video. Bye-bye!