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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone, this is your host, Lena. And today's Top Words topic is 10 Foods That Will Kill You Faster. Let's go!
1. szalonna "bacon"
A kedvencem a füstölt szalonna. "Smoked bacon is my favorite."
We have various kinds of bacon, you can get very nice ones with garlic taste, smoked one as well, and covered with paprika powder, so I really like most of them. Do you like bacon? How about in your country, do you have various kinds of bacon? Let us know in the comment section.
2. energiaital "energy drink"
Még sose ittam energiaitalt. "I've never drank an energy drink before."
And that's actually true, I"ve never tried any energy drink brands. There's no particular reason why, but I just heard that it's really bad for you, so if I want to feel more energize, I just go for a cup of coffee or black tea.
3. feldolgozott hús "processed meat "
Sokféle feldolgozott húst árulnak a hentesárú üzletben. "Lots of kinds of processed meat are sold in the butcher's shop."
Sausages are so good, especially Hungarian sausages, if you have the chance to have it, make sure you have it. Yes, that's all I can say, because it's fabulous, it's so good. It's nice and spicy, it just has the right taste. I could talk about it for hours because I love it so much, even though it's bad for your health.
4. fagyasztott ételek "frozen meals"
Nem vásárolok fagyasztott ételeket. "I don’t buy frozen meals."
Yes, I don’t buy frozen meals at all, the only thing that I buy, it's not really frozen meals, I just buy frozen vegetables, but they're not cooked... (maybe they're cooked?!) But anyway, it's not like frozen pasta or frozen, I don't know, oven-baked dish, or something like that, I don't trust those things.
5. burgonyaszirom "potato chips"
In Hungary, you can also refer to "potato chips" just as csipsz. And the way we say burgonyaszirom, is more of an old-fashion way to refer to it but it both translate. If you say either way, people will understand what you're talking about. It's interesting how it's literally translated. Burgonya means "potato" and szirom means "petal". Like flower petal, because it kind of looks like a flower petal, I guess?
Burgonyaszirmot és többféle édességet ettünk a házibuliban. "We ate potato chips and various sweets at the house party."
6. margarin "margarine"
Nagymamám gyakran használ margarint mikor süteményt készít. "My granny often uses margarine when she bakes cookies."
Yeah, in Hungary, there is a brand which is very common, it's in a cube shape and I haven't tried so many brands but as far as tried various types of margarine, that has a more special flavor to it, so I think that's why it's more fitting to baking and cooking. And it can even replace butter because it tastes so good. My grandma usually uses that when she bake something or make some cream, it's really really good.
7. mikrós pattogatott kukorica "microwave popcorn"
Van otthon mikrós pattogatott kukorica? "Do we have microwave popcorn at home?"
When I make popcorn, I just use corn and then I get a casserole and put butter and salt in it, and then I just prepare it that way, no microwave.
8. instant tészta "instant noodles"
Instant tésztát eszem mikor nincs időm főzni. "I eat instant noodles when I don't have time to cook."
I used to do that but then I realized it's really not good for me, then I just stop and I don't crave for it anymore.
9. cukorka "candy"
A gyerekek szeretik a cukorkát. "Kids love candy."
Do you like candy? There are so many, it's so difficult to pick one. But what I really used to like is called savanyú cukor, its meaning is "sour candy". It wasn't particularly that sour, I'm not even sure why they name it that way, but I guess it's because they try to imitate the real flavor of the fruit. Because it's usually fruit-flavored candy, you can get it in various taste, you can get it in lemon and orange taste, you can get it in... I'm not sure. Those are the most popular in my childhood. It's a little bit sour, it's not full on sugar sweet, and I think it's really good.
10. cukor "sugar"
Hány kanál cukrot kérsz a teádba? "How many spoons of sugar would you like to have in your tea?"
I used to drink tea or coffee with sugar, but then, intentionally, I tried to avoid it. So instead of using sugar, I use honey, but I don't like honey in coffee, so I just have honey with tea; and coffee, I just have it black and that's amazing.
This is the end of our list, thank you for watching the video. Let us know in the comment if you have any health tips for us. See you next time, bye!