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Lesson Transcript

Simone: All about lesson 1. Top Five Reasons To Study Hungarian. Hi everyone! And welcome to HungarianPod101.com, This is lesson 1 in the All About Hungarian series, the Top 5 Reasons to Study Hungarian. I’m Simone, your friendly neighborhood guide to everything Hungarian.
Csaba: Sziasztok! I’m Csaba, and I’m here in this lesson to bear a part of my Hungarian soul to you.
Simone: That’s right! This lesson is all about your home and native land, Csaba.
Csaba: And yours too Simone.
Simone: Yes but I am sort of more of a part time Hungarian person. You can probably tell from my Australian accent.
Csaba: I guess there should be some kind of initiation or Write of Passage at least.
Simone: Yes like drinking a lot of brandy or something.
Csaba: Yeah.
Simone: Okay well that does it for me. No way I can get in.
Csaba: Well fortunately you can speak Hungarian. So you can impress a native Hungarian anyway.
Simone: Yes the Hungarian is a poetic beautiful language. Well okay going to a soccer match, it may not seem that way.
Csaba: Maybe but it’s truly a beautiful language.
Simone: Yes with a very long history and intriguing culture to match.
Csaba: Intriguing yes. Stick with us and we will introduce you to a side of Hungary that only an insider gets to see.

Lesson focus

Simone: Approximately 14 million speakers make for a lot of good conversation.
Csaba: Plus Hungarian is everywhere.
Simone: Tell me Csaba, where have you spoken Hungarian in your life besides Hungary?
Csaba: All over the world. I mean I can hear Hungarian in any country.
Simone: My favorite thing is listening for Hungarian outside of Hungary. I get to eavesdrop on conversations more often than you think.
Csaba: Yeah Hungarian immigrants are everywhere in the world though not as numerous as Italian or Polish immigrants. You can still catch a few Hungarian words every now and then.
Simone: Any way, how about a few words in general about this language?
Csaba: By all means, when studying Hungarian or even just listening to Hungarian, you will notice a couple of things.
Simone: Give us an example please.
Csaba: First it sounds nothing like you studied before.
Simone: Exactly. Hungarian is not really related to anything else in Europe.
Csaba: Only Finnish and Estonian but knowing those languages won’t help you much.
Simone: So it’s not an Indo-European Language. Instead it is from the Uralic language family.
Csaba: And with about 40 million speakers, it is the most populous in that group.
Simone: So any ideas on how it came to be. I mean how did Hungarian end up in Central Europe with the closest language up there in the north?
Csaba: There are many debates on that. When Hungarians were riding into Europe from Asia, I guess we took a left where the Finnish took a right.
Simone: That is possibly the simplest lesson on history I’ve ever heard. Any ways, no wonder Hungarians are so proud of their language.
Csaba: Yes there is a lot of pride attached to its unique nature.
Simone: Okay so move forward a bit in history.
Csaba: The original Hungarian writing system was lost and we adopted the Latin Script at about the same time when we adopted Christianity.
Simone: Yes in the 11th century. Since then, how has Hungarian been doing?
Csaba: Hungarian has received a lot of influence from neighboring Slavic languages, Turkish, Latin and German as well.
Simone: So basically no matter where you start from, you will find similar stuff in Hungarian.
Csaba: At least a few, I am sure about that.
Simone: Can you tell the listeners a few things about what to expect?
Csaba: Good news or bad news first?
Simone: Let’s go with bad.
Csaba: Well you will have to learn suffixes and conjugations. The endings of words change a lot in Hungarian. This is after all an agglutinative language.
Simone: Okay. We are seeing some of those. What else is there?
Csaba: There is a thing called vowel harmony where the vowels must surprise, surprise, harmonize.
Simone: That means the words and whatever suffixes we attach to them will have similar vowels.
Csaba: Pretty much at least generally speaking.
Simone: Now some good news please.
Csaba: All right, ready. No genders, only two tenses. The alphabet is almost completely phonetic and no big dialectal differences.
Simone: Good. That means that with some Hungarian, you will be fine everywhere in Hungary.0
Csaba: And don’t forget some parts of Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, Ukraine and some other places around Hungary.
Simone: Okay top 5 List.
Csaba: The top five reasons to learn this lovely language. #5, If you want an inexpensive vacation, welcome to Hungarian.
Simone: #4
Csaba: To know Hungarian is to be a member of a very unique club.
Simone: That’s right and #3.
Csaba: Hungarians are extremely grateful when they see other people try to speak Hungarian. Make sure you pick up a few words even if you only have a short visit in the country.
Simone: And #2.
Csaba: By learning Hungarian, one can get a deeper understanding of European history and culture. Throughout the centuries, the kingdom of Hungary had an ethnic Nordic pivotal role in the shaping of Europe. Being on the border of the Roman and Greek Catholicism and the Turkey’s expansion. When not an empire itself, it’s been on the border of empires, cultures and civilizations for a millennium and stood in the sea of Slavic, German and Turkish languages without losing its identity.


Simone: Phew! That’s a big reason and the #1 reason you should learn Hungarian.
Csaba: It’s fun.
Simone: Sure it is.
Csaba: Okay everybody. You know what to do now. Get your iPod and shoot up for some Hungarian lessons.


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Tuesday at 6:30 pm
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Hello, Listeners! Why are you studying Hungarian? Could you let us know your special reason?

Wednesday at 7:14 pm
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Hello everyone! How are you?

I've been working in Hungary and hungarian is important for me.

I've tried to learn hungarian by myself but all attempts were unsuccessful.

Monday at 5:36 am
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Szia Leoantonio1,

Happy to hear that! 😄😄

Is he the reason you started learning this beautiful language? 😇



Team HungarianPod101.com

Sunday at 4:17 am
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I think i'm falling in love with a Hungarian guy...

Monday at 3:10 am
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Hi David,

Thank you for posting.

Should you have any questions, please let us know.



Team HungarianPod101.com

Friday at 6:31 am
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I hope to be able to have a conversation with my friend's mother who does not speak Hungarian and also read my friend's books which, of course, are in Hungarian!



Saturday at 7:48 pm
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Szia Robert,

Thanks for sharing! :sunglasses:

We hope you will soon have the possibility to come to Hungary!

If you need any advice on places to visit, please don't hesitate!

Good luck for your studies,


Team HungarianPod101.com

Tuesday at 9:35 am
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Szia! I would like to visit Hungary one day!

Tuesday at 3:04 am
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Szia Lee,

Welcome! Thank you very much for your comment :wink:.

I know exactly what you're talking about... When the first couple of minutes, your girlfriend translates pretty much everything...then she only translates the main idea...and she ends up tired and only translates if you ask her to do it...:grin: I'm sure she will reaaaally appreciate your hard work, and her family too!:wink:

Please keep on!

If you have any questions or need any help, please send us a comment.

Good luck,


Team HungarianPod101.com

Sunday at 8:04 am
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My girlfriend is Hungarian and I want to eventually be able to communicate with her in Hungarian... Also when I visited her last time, her parents were speaking in Hungarian and I knew they were asking questions about me, so I'd like to know what they are talking about instead of having my girlfriend be the interpreter.

Thanks for the awesome lessons!


Wednesday at 2:16 am
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Szia Maria,

It's a pleasure to meet you!

We wish you good luck for learning Hungarian :thumbs:!

If you need any help, please don't hesitate to send us a comment!



Team HungarianPod101.com