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Lesson Transcript

Simone: All about Lesson 12, Top 5 Hungarian Classroom Phrases. In this lesson, we will review the five most useful classroom phrases for learning Hungarian.
Csaba: There is no better way to learn Hungarian than to use Hungarian.
Simone: So whether you are attending a class, studying with some friends, these phrases will be a wealth of helpfulness to you. Now here they are, the top five phrases for you as you begin to learn Hungarian are:

Lesson focus

Csaba: Elmondaná még egyszer?
Simone: Please repeat that
Csaba: Elmondaná még egyszer? Elmondaná még egyszer?
Simone: And next
Csaba: Hogy mondjuk magyarul, hogy.....?
Simone: How do you say in Hungarian?
Csaba: Hogy mondjuk magyarul, hogy.....? Hogy mondjuk magyarul, hogy.....?
Simone: And next
Csaba: Megkérdezhetem, hogy.....?
Simone: May I ask.
Csaba: Megkérdezhetem, hogy.....? Megkérdezhetem, hogy.....?
Simone: And next
Csaba: Nem értem.
Simone: I don’t understand.
Csaba: Nem értem. Nem értem.
Simone: And finally
Csaba: Elmondaná lassabban, kérem?
Simone: Can you repeat that a bit more slowly.
Csaba: Elmondaná lassabban, kérem? Elmondaná lassabban, kérem?
Simone: So let’s take a closer look at these phrases.
Csaba: Elmondaná még egyszer?
Simone: Please repeat that. This is so useful because you can use it any time outside the classroom too.
Csaba: Yes any time you can’t understand something someone has said and you would like to hear it again Elmondaná még egyszer?
Simone: The first word Elmondaná means could you say, the next word még means again or more egyszer means once.
Csaba: So literal translation would be something along the lines of, can you say it once more.
Simone: Okay next phrase.
Csaba: Hogy mondjuk magyarul, hogy.....?
Simone: How do you say in Hungarian? Now this is a great phrase. You get to rediscover the world again through Hungarian eyes.
Csaba: And you will learn very quickly if you point at things and ask a lot of questions.
Simone: If your counterpart knows some English, you can try it like this. Hogy mondjuk magyarul, hogy “Apple”?
Csaba: Yes it works well.
Simone: And my advice is to write it down when you get the answer. Then you can review it later and you won’t forget it.
Csaba: This phrase will really help you learn more Hungarian faster Hogy mondjuk magyarul, hogy.....? Here we have Hogy which means how in Hungarian. This is followed by mondjuk which is the word for we say and then you say in Hungarian which in Hungarian is magyarul. After that another hogy which means that here. You insert a word or point at what you want to know. The whole phrase again Hogy mondjuk magyarul, hogy.....?
Simone: Piece of cake. Learn this phrase and you will never have a boring walk in Hungary. So what’s the next phrase?
Csaba: Megkérdezhetem, hogy.....?
Simone: May I ask. Now not only is this a great phrase to learn so that you can ask the teacher a question, but it’s also a great phrase to get you what you want.
Csaba: Oh yes especially if you need to ask for favors.
Simone: Okay so take us through this one please Csaba.
Csaba: Megkérdezhetem, hogy.....? Megkérdezhetem in this case means may I ask or can I ask. Hogy means that. So literally, this means, may I ask that?
Simone: Okay well, that phrase might come in handy as well if you really need to ask politely where the toilet is.
Csaba: Yes very useful. Megkérdezhetem, hogy hol a WC?
Simone: Next phrase.
Csaba: Nem értem.
Simone: I don’t understand. This phrase too can be used on all the occasions. It’s one of my personal favorites.
Csaba: Yeah sometimes Hungarian people assume you can understand everything if you know how to say Szia!
Simone: Yes everyone will forgive you for that blank look on your face immediately.
Csaba: So let’s have a closer look. Nem értem. Nem here is a negative and translates to no, not. I understand is értem in Hungarian. So this sentence literally means I not understand. Nem értem.
Simone: Seriously this is probably the phrase I have used the most during my Hungarian studies. It’s so useful and easy to say. So you will never be confused again.
Csaba: The next phrase is also very handy because Hungarian people tend to speak very quickly at times. Elmondaná lassabban, kérem?
Simone: So this useful little number means, can you repeat that a bit more slowly. Now when you are in a group of Hungarians, you will be very thankful to us for teaching you this phrase.
Csaba: Yes we speed like rockets when we talk to each other.
Simone: So Csaba get us through this one please.
Csaba: Sure first we have Elmondaná which is the polite way of asking means could you say lassabban as we mentioned earlier is slower or more slowly. Kérem is please. Elmondaná lassabban, kérem?
Simone: It’s really fun when Hungarian people slowdown Hungarian for you too. Csaba can you demonstrate.
Csaba: Elmondaná lassabban, kérem?


Simone: It kind of feels like you are a little kid again but actually it really helps to have the slower pace. The great thing about these phrases is that you can use them right away.
Csaba: Yes they are so practical. You should also know that we tune these in a way that they are very, very polite.
Simone: We hope that it helped everyone whether you are in a Hungarian class on the streets of Hungary or in your local Hungarian community, try them out.