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Lesson Transcript

Simone: All about Lesson 15. Top Five hungarianpod101.com Pet Phrases. After years of Hungarian living, Csaba and I have some Pet phrases to share.
Csaba: Yes.
Simone: And after some time, you will probably have your own pet phrases too but for now, we will teach you some to latch on to right away.
Csaba: These are all phrases that locals use a lot.
Simone: They are kind of like the cool and awesome of English. You will fit right in when you throw these out there. Let’s take a look.

Lesson focus

Csaba: Elnézést egy pillanatra.
Simone: Excuse me for a second.
Csaba: Elnézést egy pillanatra. Elnézést egy pillanatra.
Simone: And next
Csaba: Hagyja csak.
Simone: It’s nothing or don’t worry about it.
Csaba: Hagyja csak. Hagyja csak.
Simone: Next
Csaba: Hol a WC?
Simone: Where is the toilet?
Csaba: Hol a WC? Hol a WC?
Simone: And next.
Csaba: Gyerünk!
Simone: Let’s go.
Csaba: Gyerünk! Gyerünk!
Simone: And finally
Csaba: Tényleg?
Simone: Really.
Csaba: Tényleg? Tényleg?
Simone: Great. So let’s take a closer look at how to use these notable Hungarian expressions.
Csaba: Pet phrase 1. Elnézést egy pillanatra.
Simone: Excuse me for a second. Basically this is a polite way of getting someone’s attention by asking the person, do you have a minute?
Csaba: Yes Elnézést egy pillanatra. Excuse me for a second.
Simone: This is generally used when you want to ask someone a favor.
Csaba: It usually implies that you need a bit longer time from that other person like when you want them to show you how the ticket machine at the subway works or something like that or Elnézést egy pillanatra, hol van a posta?
Simone: Ah excuse me for a second. Where is the post office?
Csaba: Good work Simone.
Simone: Very useful.
Csaba: Pet phrase 2. Hagyja csak.
Simone: This is a great phrase. Basically it’s the Hungarian equivalent of Forget about it or that’s okay.
Csaba: Yes but this is most often used when you want to tip someone by not taking the change. When the person is trying to hand the money to you, just say Hagyja csak.
Simone: Yes it means something like leave it.
Csaba: This expression will make you sound like Real Hungarian gentleman in the restaurant or taking a cab.
Simone: So useful.
Csaba: Pet phrase 3. Hol a WC?
Simone: Now here is an ultimate lifesaver.
Csaba: Yes not knowing how to ask for directions to the toilet can be a matter of life and death.
Simone: Indeed. So this means Hol a WC?
Csaba: This is a very useful no nonsense phrase without the excuse me’s and the could you tell me’s, not rude but very straightforward.
Simone: Yeah it has saved me in so many situations. An absolute must know phrase.
Csaba: Okay. On to number 4 pet phrase 4 Gyerünk!
Simone: Okay so this one is let’s go right?
Csaba: Yes you can say that when you want to make people hurry up a bit.
Simone: So first of all, let’s get this down.
Csaba: Gyerünk! Gyerünk! You want your friends to hurry up, just say Gyerünk! Gyerünk! Gyerünk!
Simone: This means something like go, go, go. So let’s go to the next phrase. Tényleg?
Csaba: Pet phrase 5 Tényleg?
Simone: Tényleg? It means really.
Csaba: Tényleg?
Simone: This phrase can be used when you want to express surprise, doubt or whatever. Just like we would use really in English.
Csaba: Yes it’s a great interjection and you can also use it with a different tone as an answer in itself actually like this Tényleg?
Simone: Tényleg. Very natural Hungarian. Well those are our favorite phrases in Hungarian.
Csaba: We hope you like them too.


Simone: We are sure you will find lots of uses for them. They really help you fill in the natural gaps of conversation. Well that’s it for this lesson and also for the series. Thanks for listening, bye.
Csaba: Sziasztok!