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Lesson Transcript

Simone: All about less on 6. Can You Answer These Five Questions About Hungary? In this lesson, we will build your basic knowledge of Hungary by quizzing you on five areas of Hungarian knowledge Geography, pop culture, travel, economics and myth busting.
Csaba: Uh sounds exciting.
Simone: Yeah. I thought of these questions all by myself.
Csaba: By yourself, you mean with my help right?
Simone: Umm maybe. Okay so first we will test your geography knowledge.

Lesson focus

Csaba: As we all know, Hungary is about 90,000 square kilometers which is roughly the size of Portugal and South Korea.
Simone: But the first question is how many counties does Hungary have?
Csaba: A, 13, B, 19 or C, 27?
Simone: This one is a warm-up question. So just have a bit of a think first.
Csaba: The answer is B, 19. Hungary consists of 7 regions subdivided into a total of 19 counties. The climate of Hungary is continental which means long and hot summers and mild winters with some snowfall. That is some trivia for you.
Simone: Thank you. Okay question #2 is on pop culture.
Csaba: Not too many Hungarian people are internationally famous but we do have a few icons that you should all know. I am going to name three people. One is a famous singer, one is a politician and one is a sports star. Match the name with the profession. I am going to say the names in the Hungarian order.
A Benedek Tibor
B Orbán Viktor and
C Presser Gábor
Simone: Oh I know, I know.
Csaba: Okay Simone:, shoot.
Simone: Well A, Benedek Tibor is a national hero having helped the Hungarian water polo team to three Olympic gold medals and he is very handsome too.
Csaba: That’s right.
Simone: B is Orbán Viktor. He is the current prime minister.
Csaba: Correct. You may hear his name more often in 2011 when Hungary, he is the President of the Council of the European Union.
Simone: The one left over is Presser Gábor
Csaba: Yep he was the leader singer of the 70’s rock band LGT, who toured England and the United States and got probably the closest to making it internationally.
Simone: Yes and he is still a beloved figure, a singer, songwriter and composer as well.
Csaba: Okay moving on to number 3. It’s a travel question. Rank in correct order these popular travel destinations in Hungary.
A Budapest
B Siófok and
C Eger
Simone: Tough one. They all are really popular. I would guess Budapest though as the biggest city should be the first one.
Csaba: And that is correct. It would be strange otherwise.
Simone: Okay. So then the second must be Eger.
Csaba: No. Even though, this town is worth a visit all year around with its wines and castle, Siófok has more tourists.
Simone: In only three months?
Csaba: Yes. Siófok is a huge party center but only for 3 months when the weather is so hot that your only hope of surviving is near Lake Balaton.
Simone: Okay next question please. I will get this one right.
Csaba: Moving on to politics then.
Simone: You are just teasing me. You know politics isn’t my strong point.
Csaba: Oh well! Even you should be able to answer this question.
Simone: Hit me.
Csaba: Hungary joined the European Union in
A 2000
B 2007 or
C 2004
Simone: I know this one. In 2004 together with a lot of countries like Slovakia, Poland and such.
Csaba: Correct but I saved a hardest for last. It’s a question about myth and debunking them.
Simone: Like people who think the name Hungary has got something to do with the word hungry?
Csaba: Ah I think I just died a little. Okay this one is a simple true or false question. Traditional Hungarian foods and thus Hungarian people on an average tend to be unhealthy, true or false?
Simone: Many people think that Hungarian food is really unhealthy because so many people are overweight in Hungary.
Csaba: True but the answer is false. In reality, it is not a widely known fact that the Hungarian cuisine offers a huge variety compared to a lot of countries in Europe.
Simone: That’s true but what’s with all the obesity then?
Csaba: Well like a rising problem in many countries today, even Hungarian food has been invaded by Junk foods. Young people eat more and more unhealthy food and due to the low income of many families, they use less of the traditional ingredients and choose the much simple Fry it method of cooking.
Simone: It also might have to do with the fact that a lot of people choose beer these days instead of wine and wine compliments Hungarian food better.
Csaba: Fortunately and there are still more traditional places to eat than junk food places. So hopefully people will keep up their healthy diets.
Simone: Yeah I wouldn’t try traditional Hungarian food for anything.
Csaba: Me neither.


Simone: Well that was a nice little quiz. I wonder how our listeners did.
Csaba: I am sure we have many educated ones who know a thing or two about Hungarian society already.