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Fun &Easy - 2 - Hungarian - How to Introduce Yourself in Hungarian
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Sziasztok, Lena vagyok.
Hi everyone! I’m Jennifer.
In this lesson, you’ll learn how to introduce yourself in hungarian.
Learning self-introductions is a vital step in forming lasting relationships with the Hungarian people, which is why when studying Hungarian, introducing yourself should be one of the first skills you acquire.
In this video you'll learn how to state your name, where you’re from, and your age. You’ll also learn some of the best lines to introduce yourself in Hungarian.
Let’s start with your name.
Hungarians put a huge emphasis on knowing each other's names. Let’s start with how to say “My name is” in Hungarian.
There are basically two options for talking about your name in Hungarian, and that’s by using “My name is…” or “I am called…” Let’s start with “My name is…”
A nevem Jennifer.
This means “My name is Jennifer.”
[SLOW] A nevem Jennifer.
[NORMAL] A nevem Jennifer.
And now, for the second expression, use the phrase
nek hívnak
which means “are called...”
[SLOW] nek hívnak
[NORMAL] nek hívnak
The word hivnak translates to “call,” but combined with nek it changes into “are called.” Just put your name in front of this phrase.
Like this one:
Jennifernek hívnak.
This means “I’m called Jennifer.”
[SLOW] Jennifernek hívnak.
[NORMAL] Jennifernek hívnak.
Do you have a nickname? Hungarians usually have nicknames. They mostly use them in informal environments. Feel free to tell someone your nickname right at the beginning of a conversation.
In this case, you can use the phrase
hívj csak
or “just call me...”
[SLOW] hívj csak
[NORMAL] hívj csak
Let’s try it in a sentence:
Hívj csak Jennynek.
This translates to “Just call me Jenny.”
[SLOW] Hívj csak Jennynek.
[NORMAL] Hívj csak Jennynek.
After sharing your name, it’s super important to ask for the other person’s name, too.
In this case, you use
Hogy hívnak?
This could mean “What are you called?” or “What’s your name?”
[SLOW] Hogy hívnak?
[NORMAL] Hogy hívnak?
When you’re in a formal environment, you can say:
Megkérdezhetem a nevét?
or “May I ask your name?”
[SLOW] Megkérdezhetem a nevét?
[NORMAL] Megkérdezhetem a nevét?
What if you’ve forgotten the other person’s name? In this case, you simply say:
Ne haragudj, mi is a keresztneved?
or “Sorry, what’s your name again?”
[SLOW] Ne haragudj, mi is a keresztneved?
[NORMAL] Ne haragudj, mi is a keresztneved?
This time, let’s learn how to say where you’re from.
The second most important thing when introducing yourself in Hungarian is letting the other person know where you’re from.
This involves the word
or “I come”
[SLOW] jöttem
[NORMAL] jöttem
and the other word attached to the country name
or “from”
[SLOW] -ból
[NORMAL] -ból
Kínából jöttem.
This means “I come from China.”
[SLOW] Kínából jöttem.
[NORMAL] Kínából jöttem.
If you’re from America, you can say
Amerikából jöttem.
or “I come from America.”
[SLOW] Amerikából jöttem.
[NORMAL] Amerikából jöttem.
Jövök means “I come,” although Hungarians say it in the past tense. To add “from,” they add -ból after the country name.
Now, let’s move on and learn how to share your age.
While learning how to introduce yourself in the Hungarian language, make sure to only share your age if you’re comfortable with it, and only ask about someone’s age if you’re sure they won’t take it personally.
Talking about your age in Hungarian is super easy, and there’s only one way to do so:
First, it involves the word
which means, “I am”
[SLOW] vagyok
[NORMAL] vagyok
And then there’s the word
or “years old”
[SLOW] éves
[NORMAL] éves
23 éves vagyok.
This is how you say “I’m twenty-three years old.”
[SLOW] 23 éves vagyok.
[NORMAL] 23 éves vagyok.
If you want to ask about someone’s age, you can say
Hány éves vagy?
“How old are you?”
[SLOW] Hány éves vagy?
[NORMAL] Hány éves vagy?
In a formal environment, it’s a bit different. You say
Megkérdezhetem, hogy mennyi idős?
or “May I ask how old you are?”
[SLOW] Megkérdezhetem, hogy mennyi idős?
[NORMAL] Megkérdezhetem, hogy mennyi idős?
And lastly, let’s talk about some of the best lines to use when introducing yourself.
When it comes to the Hungarian language, it’s important to note that there’s a significant difference between formal and informal introductions. Let’s see how they differ.
The informal introduction is the easiest, as it doesn’t involve strict rules. You can welcome someone informally in many ways, such as:
or “Hello!”
[SLOW] Helló!
[NORMAL] Helló!
Then you can continue by stating your name, age, and nationality.
When introducing yourself formally in Hungarian, you want to ensure that you welcome the other person in a very polite way.
You can say
Jó reggelt
or “Good morning”
[SLOW] Jó reggelt
[NORMAL] Jó reggelt
You can also say
Jó napot
or “Good afternoon”
[SLOW] Jó napot
[NORMAL] Jó napot
And finally
Jó estét
for “Good evening”
[SLOW] Jó estét
[NORMAL] Jó estét
Then you want to emphasize how glad you are to meet the person.
You can say
Örülök, hogy megismerhetem!
or “Nice to meet you!”
[SLOW] Örülök, hogy megismerhetem!
[NORMAL] Örülök, hogy megismerhetem!
And only after that can you proceed to introducing yourself. This part is the same as with the informal introduction.
You can say
Vivien vagyok, 23 éves és Indonéziából származom.
meaning “My name is Vivi, I’m twenty-three years old, and I come from Indonesia.”
[SLOW] Vivien vagyok, 23 éves és Indonéziából származom.
[NORMAL] Vivien vagyok, 23 éves és Indonéziából származom.
Hungarians are very reserved and only like to share things they’re entirely comfortable sharing. Thus, make sure you don't share too much about yourself; otherwise, your conversation partner might feel intimidated.
There’s only one thing we haven’t mentioned yet: How to introduce people in Hungarian. What if you’re with a friend and you want to introduce them?
You can say
Ő Adam.
or “His name is Adam.”
[SLOW] Ő Adam.
[NORMAL] Ő Adam.
There are actually several words involved here:
Az ő neve
for instance, means “His name”
[SLOW] Az ő neve
[NORMAL] Az ő neve
However, Hungarians want to keep things short and simple, which explains the two-word introduction.
If you’re in a more formal environment, though, you can instead use
or “I would like to”
[SLOW] szeretném
[NORMAL] szeretném
which means “to introduce”
[SLOW] bemutatni
[NORMAL] bemutatni
If that’s the case, you can say
Be szeretném mutatni Adamot.
“I would like to introduce Adam.”
[SLOW] Be szeretném mutatni Adamot.
[NORMAL] Be szeretném mutatni Adamot.
In this lesson you learned some of the most basic yet very important ways to introduce yourself in Hungarian.
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