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Lesson Transcript

Sziasztok, Lívia vagyok! Hi everybody! I’m Livia.
Welcome to HungarianPod101.com’s “Magyar nyelvleckék három percben”. The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Hungarian.
In the last lesson, we learned some words used when apologizing in Hungarian, including Elnézést and bocsánat. In this lesson we are going to learn numbers in Hungarian.
Yes, numbers! Számok! From one to ten. And you are going to learn them in only three minutes, három percben!
Are you ready? Let’s start!
[slowly] Egy.
[slowly] Kettő.
[slowly] Három.
[slowly] Négy.
[slowly] Öt.
[slowly] Hat.
[slowly] Hét.
[slowly] Nyolc.
[slowly] Kilenc.
[slowly] Tíz.
Okay, now repeat after me. I'll say the numbers and give you time to repeat each one.
1. egy
2. kettő
3. három
4. négy
5. öt
6. hat
7. hét
8. nyolc
9. kilenc
10. tíz
Great job!
What is before egy? Do you know? In Hungarian, we say – nulla. [slowly] nulla.
You don’t have any more excuses! You can give your friends your cell phone number in Hungarian!
Let’s try together.
We’ll use the phrase A telefonszámom, which means “my number is:” [slowly] A telefonszámom. A telefonszámom: nulla, hat, egy, harom, egy, het, nyolc, hat, ot.
Can you read it by yourself? 06 1 317 865 Perfect!
Now it’s time for Livia’s Tips.
When we go to the bank or post office in Hungary, we sometimes have to stand in line with a number. When it's your turn to check out, they call your number. Learn your numbers well so you can be ready!
Do you know the Hungarian word for a hundred? In the next lesson we are going to learn the numbers from ten to one hundred in Hungarian. Your task now is to practice the numbers we studied in this lesson, from egy to tíz!