Lesson Transcript

Want to speak more of your target language?
Then you’ll need to know more words and phrases.
Except, the problem is, memorizing word lists is painful and boring.
But, the good news is you don’t have to memorize for hours to boost your vocabulary and speak more.
You can glance through our Printable Visual Flashcards and easily master over 1500 of the most common words.
How to Learn the 1500 Most Common Words with Visual Flashcards
And in this guide, you’ll discover,
One, how to get FREE access to Visual Flashcards.
Two, How to learn words easily, without painful memorization
And three, why these flashcards help you acquire words faster than typical word lists or digital flashcards.
But first, if you’re not a member of our language learning system which gives you free access to this special resource, then be sure to sign up for a free lifetime account.
Just click the link in the description to get your free lifetime account right now.
First, what are Visual Flashcards?
Visual Flashcards are printable, illustrated Flashcards that teach you over 1500 of the most common words… across 60 topics.
Just download the PDFs, print them out in two-sided format, cut out the Flashcards, and start learning!
Now, how can you learn words fast with these Flashcards?
The best way to learn anything is not to cram or memorize for hours a day.
But to go through and review the words for just a few minutes a day, every day.
That repetition is what locks the language into your memory, and eventually, you’ll get used to the words, like it’s your own native language.
Also, all flashcards include an image for each word so your brain can easily create a connection between the image and the word and help you remember it better.
Instead of just relying on text, as is the case with most digital flashcards and word lists.
Third, Here’s how you learn with the Visual Flashcards.
After printing and cutting them out. You can go through the cards and review them for just a few minutes a day.
Also, be sure to read the words out loud for speaking practice.
You can also test yourself by looking at the meaning and trying to recall the word in the target language. If you don’t remember, just flip the card over to get the answer. You can also have a friend test you. And you can place the cards on the objects they represent around your home. So, for the card for the window, you can tape that to the window. And you’ll quickly memorize the word after seeing it a few times.
So, if you want to speak more of your target language and add over 1500 words to your vocabulary, download our Printable Visual Flashcards right now… for Free!
Just click the link in the description to sign up for a free lifetime account… and get free access.