Lesson Transcript

Want to be able to speak in your target language?
Ideally, you'd want a teacher or native speaker to practice with.
But if you don't have one or if you're an introvert who's not ready to talk to native speakers
Then, good news. There are ways to practice speaking and conversations in your target language without having to speak to anyone. How? Keep watching.
How to Practice Conversation Even if You're An Introvert
Today, you'll discover,
One, How to Use Your Smartphone to Practice Speaking.
Two, How to Immerse Yourself in Native Conversations.
And Three, How to Get Feedback on your speaking, without having to speak to anyone.
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So, how can you practice speaking and conversations on your own?
First, you can change the language of your voice assistant on your smartphone
Like Siri on the iPhone, or, Google Assistant on Android. This is the easiest thing you can do… and a good way to practice speaking the phrases you’ve learned.
If the AI can understand you and respond, then you’re on the right track.
Second, immerse yourself in real conversations with our audio and video lessons.
Learning through conversations is the fastest way to learn. And with our special "conversation-first" lesson format, you learn a quick dialogue in every lesson.
All you have to do is listen, follow along with the transcript… and you'll get used to native-level conversations. Plus, you'll get every word and grammar rule translated and explained by our teachers. You get these lessons the moment you sign up.
Third, shadow the conversations in the lessons.
Meaning, repeat what you hear out loud.
And you can practice shadowing easily with the line-by-line audio dialogue that breaks down the conversation into individual lines.
Just press the speaker icon to hear the audio and repeat the line.
Fourth, practice speaking with our pronunciation practice tools.
Here, you'll get to practice speaking the lines from the lesson conversation… and compare yourself with the native speakers.
This is also a good way to improve your pronunciation. Because you can hear how you and the native speaker sound side-by-side. Just look for the microphone icon inside the Dialogue and click on it to record yourself.
And Fifth, test your speaking skills and get feedback from teachers.
With our Hand-Graded Assessments, a Premium PLUS feature.
If you're learning with our system, you’ll get tested on what you've learned with Multiple-Choice Assessments and Hand-Graded Assessments. And, Hand-Graded assessments test you on your speaking and writing and are reviewed by teachers afterwards.
So that you can get feedback from native speakers, without actually having to speak to anyone just yet.
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