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Are there ways to make language learning easier?
Is it even possible?
6 Ways to Make Learning Easier Than Before
In this guide, you'll discover…
The 6 ways to make learning easy…
Why cheating and looking up answers is a good way to actually learn a language
How to learn from native speakers... without getting overwhelmed by their fast speaking
And much more
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So, how can you make learning a language easier?
1. Learn in small chunks of time.
We all know that mastering a language takes time. And this fact alone is overwhelming for many learners. But, while it can take time. That doesn't mean you need to study for hours a day.
In fact, the best way to learn is to just learn in small chunks of like… 5, 10, 15, or even 20 minutes. Since language learning is a marathon and not a sprint. You'll need to be consistent, and the best way to do so is to do a little bit a day instead of overwhelming yourself into quitting.
2. Have a roadmap to follow
Another thing that makes language learning hard is… there's just too much to do and learn.
There's reading, speaking, listening, grammar, vocabulary… a million paths you can go down. But, if you had just 1 pathway to follow. Then, learning becomes a lot easier… because there's only 1 thing to focus on. And with our learning system… that's exactly what you get. You get a recommended pathway of lessons and assessments based on your learning level. Just follow the pathway from lesson 1 to 2 to 3.
Our audio/video lessons are just a few minutes long, so you can learn in small chunks of time. And after every few lessons, you'll be tested on the language… with our assessments.
3. Read along with the dialogues
If you want to learn from native speakers. You'll quickly notice that they speak a little too fast for beginners. Where you can't hear where one word ends and another word starts.
But, if you could listen AND follow along with a transcript. You'll be able to hear and see the words, pick up every single word and quickly get used to native conversations. So, when you're learning with our lessons, follow along with the lesson notes and the lesson transcript. The lesson notes give you the dialog of the conversation plus grammar explanations, and the lesson transcript is just a transcript of everything said in the lesson.
4. Get the Conversation Broken Down
Another way to make native conversations easy to understand is, to have the conversation broken down, line by line. So that you can hear each line, one at a time, as much as you want.
And you can do just that with our Line-by-Line Audio Dialogue. This feature breaks down the lesson dialogue into individual lines that you can listen to and includes the text and translations so you can hear and see it at the same time.
5. Have someone else teach you
Learning on your own can also be hard. You’ll likely have a lot of questions about grammar rules. You’ll feel uncertain about whether you’re saying things right and you won’t learn the nuances of words and grammar from a dictionary.
So, if you aren’t learning with a teacher or a native speaker, we’d recommend you get one. And with our audio/video lessons - which are made by real teachers, you can learn directly from our teachers, and get words and grammar rules explained, and learn at your own pace. And just like any good teacher would test you, you also get automatically tested on what you learn with our assessments. And you can even get your very own teacher with the Premium PLUS plan.
6. Use Cheat Sheets
Learning anything new can be hard at first, and you'll often be frustrated with the fact that whatever you learn now you'll likely forget later.
But the fact is… successful learning is a result of "getting used" to the language.
You might struggle with words or grammar rules now. But, you'll get used to them after seeing, hearing, and using them over time. So that's why it's OK to cheat and take another peek at the meanings of the words and grammar rules you learned before. That's how you "get used" to the language. And that's where our PDF Conversation Cheat Sheets come in.
You can use this free resource to glance through and review words, phrases, and grammar rules, until they're natural to you.
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