Lesson Transcript

If you want to learn more words, so you can speak and understand even more of your target language.
There is a super simple way to do this
In fact, it's so simple that most people don't even think of it because it doesn't involve language apps, youtube videos, or your computer.
I'm talking about writing things out by hand.
How to Learn Words &Phrases by Writing Them Out
And in this guide, you'll discover
One, Why writing words out helps you pick up languages faster
Two, How to use our Free PDF workbooks to practice writing
And much more.
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You probably already know that one of the best ways to master a language is through actually using it and practicing it. And that's where writing things out comes in because you're using the language when you write it down. And on top of that, the physical act of writing helps your brain remember the words much better than seeing them on screen or typing them out.
Now, handwriting may feel slow but by taking it slow, you actually speed up your learning and master the language faster. Because you engage more of your brain in the process.
So, how can you do this?
You can apply this trick to any resource that you're using right now… by simply copying out the words and phrases that you come across.
The more you write them out, the better they'll stick.
With our learning system, you can…
1. Practice with our FREE PDF Writing Workbooks and Worksheets
All members get free access to our PDF writing workbooks and worksheets which are based on common topics like the alphabet, common nouns, adjectives, greetings, and much more. Inside, you learn the most common words and phrases for that topic and you get plenty of space to practice writing the words out. And in the last section of the workbook, you'll get tested on the words.
You'll see the translations of the words, so you'll have to try and remember the meaning in the target language and write it in.
2. Practice writing with the Free Word of the Day Emails
Every day, we send you a new word to your email inbox. You get the audio pronunciation, sample sentence, and a picture to help it stick but you can also just as easily write that word down and do that daily every time the emails come in.
And now you have a simple language routine going that you can stick with.
Now, if you want to learn a little more than just words, You can…
3. Practice writing out the conversations from our lessons
So, if you want to master entire conversations in your target language. You can also copy out the conversations from our audio and video lessons by hand.
And this will help you master words, phrases, and grammar rules all at once. Since you're not only just writing out words but actual lines.
Just scroll down to the dialogue section of a lesson to see the conversation.
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