Lesson Transcript

Want to learn a new language with your own teacher?
In this video, I’ll show you how you can learn faster with 1-on-1 attention and feedback from your Premium PLUS Teacher and our personalized learning program. Let’s begin!
Number one: Take your assessment test.
To make sure that you get the best 1-on-1 learning experience possible, you get an initial assessment test to determine your level, your strengths, and your weaknesses. This will also help your teacher create a personalized program for you.
So be sure to take the test!
Number two: Send your self introduction.
This is your very first assignment.
Write out your introduction inside the My Teacher Tool and send it to your teacher for review.
You can even record your introduction and send the audio to your teacher.
They will review it, correct it, and give feedback on how to make your self-introduction even better.
Getting feedback and corrections from a native speaker is incredibly valuable when learning a language. And you’ll get plenty of feedback here.
Number three: Take advantage of the personalized program.
After your assessment test, your teacher will recommend lessons and pathways based on your goals and needs.
You even get a bonus PDF cheat sheet based on your reason for learning.
Number four: Send writing to your teacher to practice your writing skills
Simply put, you can write anything. Sentences made using a newly learned word or grammar rule or even a paragraph of what you did this week. It’s up to you. Then, send it off to your teacher for review.
Number five: Want another way to practice writing?
You can also send pictures of your handwriting...
And send the image to your teacher for corrections.
Number six: Send audio recordings to practice your speaking skills.
This is a great way to start speaking. You can also take what you wrote, read it out loud, and record it.
Your teacher will review your audio, send you their own, and help you perfect your speaking and pronunciation.
Number seven: You can also send video recordings of yourself speaking the language.
Number eight: Request audio from your teacher to practice your listening skills.
Take advantage of all your opportunities to learn directly from a native speaker.
You can ask your teacher to record audio so you can listen to how they speak.
Number nine: Shadowing.
Shadowing is simply mimicking a native speaker for practice. So, listen to your teacher’s audio and repeat out loud.
Number ten: Take the weekly assignments to boost your skills.
Your teacher can send you assignments at your request to help you stay on track and improve.
Assignments cover listening, writing, reading, and even speaking.
Find My Teacher inside the My Teacher Messenger Tool.
If assignments are too easy, you can request some that better fit your needs.
Number eleven: Ask questions and practice!
If you have a question about the learning program, lessons, learning strategies, or you just want to start a conversation for some practice...
Simply send your teacher a message.
Learning with a teacher is that simple.
So, if you’re ready to finally learn a new language the fast, fun and easy way, sign up for your free lifetime account by clicking on the link in the description.
Signing up takes less than 30 seconds and you’ll start speaking from your very first lesson.
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