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Did you have a language teacher that inspired you? Maybe it wasn't a teacher, but a partner or another person---someone that motivated you to learn. You wanted to reward their investment in you by doing well.
When learning a new language, having encouragement and the help of a good teacher can be hugely important to succeeding in your studies.
In this video, we'll look at the power of a good teacher.
Teachers can have a powerful impact on you, so let's look at how great teachers help you during your language learning journey
Number 1: A good teacher can push you to improve your speaking.
Working on building your conversation skills can be tough. Whether you're practicing a 1-minute conversation or a 10-minute conversation, having a good teacher to practice with is key.
You can prepare for your conversations by creating an outline of things to cover (on paper). Then, as you talk, you can follow along with the topics you've prepared. These topics can include basic things like greetings, asking about the other person, or just catching up. Because all of the things you're going to talk about have been prepared before you begin the conversation, you can move down the list and practice different stages of conversation. Something as simple as greeting someone and catching up with them can be 2-3 minutes of talking!
Having a good teacher to help you make this outline and go through it with you can really improve your speaking.
A good teacher will also be able to handle going off-script too. When a conversation goes outside the originally planned outline, a good teacher can react smoothly and keep the conversation going. If you want to make a joke or change the subject, the teacher can follow along. They can react and continue the conversation with you easily.
If a teacher shuts down a student when they are trying something new, it can really hurt the student's motivation and enthusiasm. But the right teacher can motivate you to get better even if your speaking isn't always perfect. The key is finding someone who can take a student's new skills and encourage them (even if they're not correct 100% of the time).
Number 2: How You Can Learn Faster with Outside Help
After studying on your own for some time, introducing outside support can be a gamechanger for your long term motivation. It can push you to reach new limits and work harder than ever. It can be a teacher, a tutor, a family member, a friend, or someone you look up to. But it has to be someone that inspires and energizes you. Of course, finding people like that is easier said than done.
So, you might want to take a few trial lessons with a few teachers to find the one you’re the best fit with. If you’re a Premium PLUS user, take advantage of your Premium PLUS teachers. They will hold you accountable, send you assignments, and give you feedback---to help you perfect your language skills.
It's also important to find a teacher whose lessons you enjoy.
Sometimes people stick with lessons just because they like the instructor. There are so many types of teachers. If you can find instructors you gravitate towards, you may find you'll want to learn more just because of who they are!
Make sure to check our lesson library. There are a ton of classes and teachers to choose from in the Absolute Beginner, Beginner, and Intermediate Levels.
If you hear someone you like, you will be more likely to stick with their lessons. And you will learn better.
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