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What's your reason for learning a language? Is it a personal goal? A hobby? Or do you have dreams of moving to a country where it’s spoken? In this video, you’ll learn why your reason is crucial for motivation and for your success in language learning.
We'll look at the top 10 reasons for learning a language from language learners just like you.
What's your number one reason for learning a language? Whatever your reason is, whether big or small, knowing it or knowing your “why,” is crucial for success and motivation.
Number 1: I love the culture and the people who speak the language.
This is a popular answer. Learning a language can be a great way to learn more about the culture and open up new ways to experience it.
Number 2: I want to understand my favorite songs, movies, and TV shows.
That’s right. Songs, movies, and shows are great ways to immerse yourself in a language! If you’re spending your time learning and also immersing yourself, you’ll learn faster.
Number 3: It's a beautiful language.
Sometimes, the answer is as simple as that. You have a genuine interest in the language itself.
Number 4: My family comes from a place where the language is spoken.
This can be popular for students who have moved to a new country and might want to connect to their home country's culture. Learning a language lets them learn things about their heritage and communicate with people who can teach them more about their cultural history. If your grandmother speaks a different language from you, it can be pretty hard to connect. So a lot of people want to learn a language to connect to family members as well.
Number 5: I want to speak to my partner's family in their language.
Similar to the reason above, perhaps you want to speak to your partner's parents or grandparents, but they don't speak your language. Not only can learning their native language let you connect with them on a more personal level, but it’s also likely to impress them.
Number 6: I’m learning the language to impress someone.
We have many students say that they want to learn a new language to impress someone in their life. This could be a teacher, a parent, a friend, or even someone they admire and look up to. It always feels good to accomplish something and have other people recognize and be proud of your achievement, and you see this very often in language learning. When you learn a new phrase or can make a longer conversation, the people around you are bound to be impressed.
Number 7: A love of traveling.
There’s no surprise here. Many people want to learn a new language to be able to travel more. Because you can see new places and learn about different cultures, traveling is a popular hobby for many people. And what better way to connect with the people that you meet on your travels than by being able to speak with them in their native language. We have a lot of students who just want to learn some basic conversations to help them on their trips, but even this can help you day to day.
Number 8: I want to live in a country that speaks the language.
After traveling around, someone might discover a country that really appeals to them and they might decide they want to move there. But their language skills could use some work. Or maybe for a job or family reason, someone has to move to a new country. Not knowing the language can really make adjusting to a new home, and even a new culture, much more difficult. We have a lot of students who want to learn a language to help them when they move.
Number 9: I just love learning languages!
This is popular for people whose hobby is learning other languages. They fall in love with the process of actually studying and being able to speak in a new language. It’s a huge feeling of accomplishment!
Number 10: I want to open my mind and become more international.
It’s so important to expand your horizons and learn about more than your own culture. People around the world live their lives in different ways and it’s good to learn about them and how they interact. You never know what you could learn by opening your ears and mind to new things.
Whatever your reason might be for learning a new language, as long as it keeps you motivated, it’s a good one. Learning a new language is not an easy journey. It’s one filled with lots of ups and downs, so keep in mind your reason and motivation for learning, whether it’s so you can move to a new country or connect with a grandparent, and let it push you towards success.
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