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What are some surefire ways to stay motivated when you’re learning a language?
In this video, we’re going to talk about 10 surefire ways to stay motivated and stay on track.
All right. We asked our Premium and Premium PLUS members for their tested techniques. You’ll find out what worked for them.
Number 1: You must see your progress.
In other words, you have to see it to believe it. There’s nothing better than seeing your results first-hand. It’s like seeing muscles in the mirror after working out!
How do you do this with language? In order to “see it,” you have to start measuring it first. And you can do that with the Dashboard on our website. With the Dashboard, you can see how many lessons and how much of the language you’ve mastered so far. So, review the progress you’ve made with the Dashboard on the site.
Number 2: Use the Daily Dose of Language app.
With this, you get free, daily mini-lessons, but that’s not all. This app keeps you on track because it actually sends you daily reminders. If you need that extra push or reminder, this app does it for you. And the daily dose lessons are quick and easy. They take just 1 minute of your time.
Number 3: Learn with somebody better than you.
A tutor, a friend, and you can even learn with your own teacher with a Premium PLUS subscription. Simply having someone better than you by your side is enough to help you improve and motivate you. It’s like having a coach.
Number 4: Set a small, measurable goal.
For example, finish 10 lessons in 1 week, or learn 20 words in a week. Most people give up because they have a vague goal like “I wanna be fluent” but they don’t know how to reach. But if you aim small and make it measurable, you’ll have a much better chance of reaching it.
Your goal is to learn 20 words and you know 17 already. Because you know how close you are, you’re more motivated to close the gap and reach your goal.
Number 5: Watch movies and shows in your target language.
First of all, we recommend this because it’s fun. But more importantly, when you understand what you hear, it’s a clear sign of progress and you’ll feel good about it.
Number 6: Listen to music in your target language.
Music is enjoyable, and if you make it part of your routine, you’re giving yourself a nice break in between lessons, but you’re still immersing yourself in the language. So if you enjoy this routine, you’re more likely to stay motivated.
Number 7: Do the lessons that you enjoy.
Just like with music, if you enjoy our audio and video lessons, then stick with them. If you have any favorite lessons, remember, you can always download them to your device and review them as much as you want. They’re yours to keep.
Number 8: Understand that language learning is a marathon.
Learning a new language is not a sprint. Most people think they can study for hours and suddenly get better. But when they realize that it takes time, this can hurt their motivation. So...understand that it’s a marathon. Remember that it’s better to study for a few minutes every day than pulling a 5-hour cram session that will burn you out.
Number 9: Keep the big goal in mind. Imagine yourself being fluent!
Small, measurable goals are definitely important. But when you just don’t feel like learning, which is completely natural, by the way, remember the big goal. Having the big picture in mind will remind you of what's important and put you back on track.
Number 10: Invest in the language. Make a commitment.
Whether you buy a book or a subscription, enroll in a class, or join a study group, by investing and making a commitment, you’re much more likely to go through with it. You’ve paid for it, so you value it more. You want to make sure you get your money’s worth. Plus, other people expect you to show up. This can be extremely helpful when working towards your language goals. And that’s it!
There are so many ways to keep yourself motivated. Do you have your favorite way? Leave us a comment and let us know.
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