Lesson Transcript

Since you’re learning the language… and coming across new words all the time...
Do you have trouble remembering new words?
If you do, then there is a proven and powerful learning method...
That’ll help you…
learn new words and phrases fast...
…easily remember the tough words you struggle with
...and get you fluent sooner than later.
In fact, all serious language learners use this learning method in one form or another.
And the good news is... You can do this all with our Flashcards… inside of our learning program.
But first, if you don’t yet have access to our language learning program…
Sign up for a free lifetime account right now.
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Now, how do Flashcards help you learn words and phrases faster?
These Flashcards use something called spaced repetition learning. Which is a science-backed learning method that...
... spaces out your learning over time…
...and quizzes you on words at the right times….
...so that you never forget them.
Here’s how the Flashcards work:
Once you start learning, they start tracking your progress...
...and sort your cards for you.
So, the tough words that you struggle with...
You will see them more often in a study session.
And the easy words that you get right…
….they will start getting spaced out.
You’ll see them again in 2 days, then 5 days, then 13 days… and so on…
...at which point, these words will start going into your long-term memory...and you’ll never forget them.
Once you’re done with a study session, that’s it for the day.
Your flashcards will remind you when to study again.
...so you never forget what you’ve learned last time.
So, Here’s how you take full advantage of this powerful study tool.
Simply access Flashcards in the Vocabulary Dropdown menu on the Site.
Inside, you already have the 100 must-know words deck prepared for you.
Just click on Study and Start Session to start learning.
You’ll see a flashcard with the word in the target language.
Do you know the meaning?
Click on “Show Answer” to confirm the meaning.
Then, mark it as correct or incorrect.
Based on your answer, the Flashcards will start sorting... and spacing out the words for you.
Then, move on to the next card in the deck… until you’re done with the session.
You can study with 3 modes.
Recognition - get the word in the target language and see if you know the meaning
Production - get the meaning and see if you know it in the target language
Or Listening - hear the word or phrase and see if you know the meaning
Choose one, two, or all three modes of learning.
You can create flashcard decks from
Key Phrases presented in Lessons
The 2,000 Core Word List
Words Saved in Your WorkBank
And our Free Vocab Lists
Want to see how many words and phrases you’ve mastered?
Visit “My Stats” for your Daily, Weekly, and Monthly progress breakdown…
….to see your personal study stats.
So, take advantage of the Smart Flashcards right now.
The top 100 must-know words deck is already ready and waiting for you.
But if you don’t yet have access…
Sign up for a free lifetime account right now.
Just click the link in the description to get your free lifetime account.