Lesson Transcript

If you're learning the language with our lessons, Did you know? You also get a bonus study tool that lets you…
One: Absorb conversations by reading along...
Two. Master grammar rules fast...
And three: review everything without re-doing the lesson.
You can do this all with the Lesson Notes...inside of our learning program.
But, if you don't have access to our program…
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So, what are the lesson notes?
The lesson notes are simply the written version of our audio and video lessons.
Inside you'll find...One - The Dialogue and the translations
Two - The Grammar rules for that lesson and the explanations
Three - The lesson's vocabulary and sample sentences
And four - Cultural insights for that lesson.
You'll find the lesson notes in every lesson.
You can also download the notes as PDFs and print them out.
And there are three reasons why this basic study tool makes learning the language super easy.
First, you get native conversation and translations in writing.
Imagine listening to a conversation in real life.
Native speakers speak fast… so you might not understand every single word.
But, if you have a transcript to follow along with...you can easily pick every word apart and start understanding what the negative speakers say.
And since you learn a new conversation in every lesson. That's exactly why you get our Lesson Notes for every lesson so you can quickly grasp and understand native speech.
Second, you can get in-depth grammar explanations and even more examples.
One of the best ways to learn grammar is to… get used to it through practice... and lots of exposure.
And with our audio and video lessons, you'll get the grammar rules explained.
But if you want the extra exposure. check out the lesson notes for the extra review. And even more examples...that are not available in the lesson.
And three, you can quickly review what you've learned... without retaking a lesson.
Again, one of the best ways to pick up a language is through repeated exposure...which means reviewing what you've learned as much as possible.
But if you don't want to retake a lesson…then, you can quickly review the lessons' dialog, grammar, and vocabulary with the lesson notes.
So, if you want to learn the language faster… understand native conversations… and review the lesson content with a quick glance...
Then take advantage of the Lesson Notes...
...which you'll find in every lesson...inside of our learning program.
But if you don't yet have access… sign up for a free lifetime account right now.
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