Lesson Transcript


Peter: Listeners, what if you could learn a language in just 5 minutes a day?
Chigusa: As in, just spend 5 minutes today and that’s it.
Peter: Now, you might think, “Peter, I won’t get fluent like that.”
Chigusa: ...or you might think, “5 minutes? Shouldn’t I be doing longer?”
Peter: And you’d be right. In the long term, it’s going to take more than just 5 minutes a day.
Chigusa: But... What makes the 5 minute rule so powerful is...
Peter: ...listeners, it makes it easy. How? You’re about to find out.
Chigusa: Welcome to an episode of Innovative Language Sunday News! I'm Chigusa and I'll be hosting today's Sunday News with my co-host, the founder of InnovativeLanguage.com... Peter Galante!
Peter: Hi everyone! Peter here!
Chigusa: In this Sunday News, you’ll learn all about the 5 minute rule...
Chigusa: Alright, Peter, so first - what is the 5 minute rule?
Peter: So the way the 5 minute rule goes is, you only need 5 minutes a day to start learning a language.
Chigusa: But why 5 minutes? What’s so special about the number?
Peter: Great question, Chigusa. Here’s what makes it so powerful. Picture this….
Chigusa: Okay…
Peter: It’s Monday morning. You get up. You’re planning your day. You start work at 9 AM. You’ll get lunch at 12 PM. End work around 5 or 6. It’s a pretty long day. Now you also promised yourself that you’re going to try to learn a new language for a few hours after work. Chigusa?
Chigusa: A few hours? I don’t know if I actually want to do a few hours after work…
Peter: Exactly. And if you promised yourself that you'd learn this language… I don’t think you’d feel too excited about this goal right now, right?
Chigusa: Yeah, now I don’t know if I actually want this goal.
Peter: And if your mindset becomes like that ...you won’t enjoy learning.
Chigusa: And I probably won’t exactly succeed with my goal as well.
Peter: You said it. Which is why… it’s not helpful to try and put in hours at the start. And even if you put in 2 hours, you’re probably going to be so tired that it may not even stick.
Chigusa: Yeah, if I wasn’t used to it, I think I’d get burned out very, very quickly.
Peter: So, with the 5 minute rule, you only have to do 5 minutes.
Chigusa: And when the 5 minutes are up?
Peter: You’re done. The heavy burden is lifted. Goal accomplished.
Chigusa: Yeah, I don’t have to worry about putting in hours. Just 5 minutes, then.
Peter: So, the 5 minute rule makes learning easy to start. Now, the second point is, it makes learning easy to continue. If you only have to put in 5 minutes a day, you can do it tomorrow, the day after, and the day after that too.
Chigusa: It gives you a successful routine.
Peter: Exactly. You can actually stick with mastering the language... in the long term. And you can easily upgrade your routine.
Chigusa: Eventually, you’ll realize that 5 minutes is too easy... and that you can do more.
Peter: Before you know it, 7, 10, or 15 minutes, and you’re now speaking a lot more of the language. Alright, listeners... Here's how you apply this 5-minute rule.
Chigusa: Listeners, the first thing you should do is... take out your phone, open up the clock application...
Peter ...and set the timer to 5 minutes.
Chigusa: And also... decide when and where you’ll put in the 5 minutes.
Peter: In my case, I’ll do it at home, around 8 PM, at the computer.
Chigusa: Then, start learning with our audio and video lessons.
Peter: They’re anywhere from 3 to 15 minutes long... so it’s really easy to just put in 5 minutes.
Chigusa: You can also review the vocabulary and phrase lists, review the word of the day...
Peter: ...or drill with flashcards for 5 minutes.
Chigusa: Just set aside the time and stick with it until the 5 minutes are up.
Peter: By adding that 5-minute limit, learning becomes much easier...
Chigusa: Yes, you don’t have to stress about spending hours...
Peter: ...and you don’t have to stress about “HOW” to learn. Just play a lesson.
Chigusa: And if you can stick with it, you now have a successful routine.
Peter: By the way, listeners...
Chigusa: ...we’re giving away our “Learn in 5 Minutes or Less PDF cheat sheet”...with all the ways and study tools you can use to learn in just a few minutes a day.
Peter: This PDF also includes a monthly calendar you can use to stay consistent with your 5-minute routine.
Chigusa: The point of the calendar is to put in 5 minutes every day, cross that day off when you’re done...
Peter: ....and keep up with the routine. Don’t break the chain.
CHIGUSA: So, if you want it, leave us a comment in the comments section on the site.
Peter: ...and we’ll reply with the link.
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Chigusa: Okay, well that’s going to do it for this edition of InnovativeLanguage.com Sunday News!
Peter: Bye everyone!
Chigusa: Thank you for listening, and we’ll see you all next time.