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Gabriella: Learn one of our brand new languages! We’re launching British English, Persian and Swahili in less than 24 hours!
Gabriella: Welcome to Innovative Language.com Sunday News! I'm Gabriella and I'll be hosting today's Sunday news with the founder of Innovative Language... Peter!
Peter: Hi everyone! Peter here.
Gabriella: In this Sunday News - new language sites, new lessons, and a one-time-only 50% discount for life! Keep listening to find out more!
Peter: Listeners. Serious question. Want to learn a new language and start speaking from the first lesson?
Gabriella: In fact, we challenge you to learn one.
Peter: That’s because in less than 24 hours, we’re adding 2 new language sites...
Gabriella: (quick followup) which brings us to a total of 29 languages...
Peter: ...we’re adding TONS of new lessons...
Gabriella: ....And a one-time-only 50% discount for life. We’ll tell you about this later.
Peter: Wondering what the new languages are? We’ll reveal them right now
Gabriella: Our new languages are Persian, and Swahili.
Peter: Plus, we’re adding new British English lessons just for our English learners.
Gabriella: Listeners, we’ve searched the internet high and low for effective lessons for these languages...
Peter: There’s not much out there to get you speaking and understanding immediately.
Gabriella: And they certainly don’t post new lessons weekly!
Peter: Since you listeners have been demanding these... Gabriella and I took on the challenge.
Gabriella: The Swahili and Persian lessons are ready and more are coming soon!
Peter: We’re ready, listeners. Are you?
Gabriella: Well get ready. PersianPod101 and SwahiliPod101 launch tomorrow...
Peter: ...And the British English lessons will be published on EnglishClass101 alongside the existing American English lessons.
Gabriella: By the way, EnglishClass101 is one of our sites exclusively for English learners
Peter:But... if you want to pick up Gabriella’s accent, you can try it too!
Gabriella: laughs You can definitely do that. So listeners, we challenge you to try one of these languages.
Peter: Visit PersianPod101.com or SwahiliPod101.com right now, to sign up.
Gabriella: And if you sign up right now... there’s a lifetime 50% discount, isn’t there?
Peter: Hold on Gabriella. Not everyone can get this. This is ONLY for the first 101 members.
Gabriella: If you’re one of the first 101 members, you’ll never pay full price to learn Swahili or Persian.
Peter: This is the Founding Fathers Club Discount and it’s our biggest discount for our early users.
Gabriella: Get 50% off all Basic and Premium subscriptions for life.
Peter: Listeners, and as of now, there are less than 101 spots left. The links are in the lesson description, right below the player.
Gabriella: Click on them. Visit PersianPod101 or SwahiliPod101 and sign up right now!
Peter: Now, on top of our new sites - we’re starting up brand new lesson series.
Gabriella: For all of our 29 language sites, the new seasons will start on July 8th.
Peter: If you want a sneak peek at what’s coming up...
Gabriella: ...Click the link for the publishing schedule in the lesson description.
Peter: So, remember! There’s less than 24 hours before we launch PersianPod101, SwahiliPod101 and start our British lessons.
Gabriella: Pick any of these languages and start learning the fun, fast, and easy way.
Peter: Make sure to visit PersianPod101.com and SwahiliPod101.com to sign up and get 50% for life!
Gabriella: And that’s all we've got time for– You’ve been listening to Innovative Language.com Sunday News!
Peter: Bye everyone!
Gabriella: Thank you for listening, and we’ll see you all next time.


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Is there any other language aside from Hungarian that you’d like to learn?

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Wednesday at 01:34 PM
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Hi Staccato,

We're preparing new series for you!

Please wait and be patient!

As for Turkish and Finnish, you're lucky, we have our sister sites: www.TurkishClass101.com and www.FinnishPod101.com !

And for sure we'll make a note of Romanian and Georgian, and who knows soon they'll be among Innovative Language sites family!

Thanks for your comment, and please let us know if you have any questions!


Team HungarianPod101

Wednesday at 09:58 PM
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It would be great if you could add more intermediate level lessons! Any other languages that I would like to learn aside from Hungarian? Romanian, Turkish, Georgian, Finnish...