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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everybody! In this lesson, you'll learn some important phrases for Christmas in Hungary and some valuable cultural tips.
In Hungarian, Christmas is called...
[slowly] karácsony
This is one of the most important Christian holidays in Hungary.
Hungarian children receive gifts twice during the Christmas season - first on December the 6th and again on Christmas day. Families gather together and enjoy festive dinners on Christmas Eve.
On karácsony, or "Christmas Day," Hungarian people greet each other by saying Boldog karácsonyt!
(slow) Boldog karácsonyt!
It means "Merry Christmas!"
When you meet someone on Christmas day, be sure to greet them with this phrase.
Hungarian people celebrate the holiday with their own special events and customs. The most popular food to eat on Christmas is...
(slow) halászlé
It means "fish soup."
Fish soup is popularly served for Christmas dinner.
Freshwater fish is most often used in the soup. It's accompanied by stuffed cabbage and a special roll cake for dessert.
Let's wrap up this lesson by recapping what you've learned. Listen to the words and repeat after me.
* beep
"Merry Christmas"
Boldog karácsonyt!
* beep
Boldog karácsonyt!
* beep
Well done! [pause] Here's a fun fact! What is the reason behind the Hungarian custom of eating fish during Christmas?
Dishes such as fish soup or fried fish are popular Christmas dinner fare. The reason behind this is that fish and fishing are the traditional Christian symbols of Jesus Christ.
You just learned about how Hungarian people celebrate Christmas and some important facts about the holiday.
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See you soon! Legközelebb innen folytatjuk!