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About Hungarian

The Hungarian language, or Magyar as it is known in Hungary, is the official language of Hungary. It is also spoken in parts of Austria, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, and the Ukraine. Over 15 million people speak the language including the approximately 10 million people who speak it throughout Hungary.

Although the exact origins of the language are not known it is believed to have started around 1000 B.C., and it is thought to have been influenced at least in small part by the Turkic language. Because early Hungarians were largely nomadic they were also at one point in direct contact with the Slavs and both groups borrowed words from each other that are still currently in use.

Not many examples of early Hungarian text exist, but later samples of Hungarian poetry and literature do exist from the early 1200s and on. A Bible translation dated around 1430 is also in existence.

By the 17th century Modern Hungarian was largely in existence as the spoken and written from used throughout Hungary, and by the 18th century standardization of the language was well underway.

While the Hungarian language might not be as popular a choice to learn as French or Italian for non-native speakers, there are still many people who choose to learn Hungarian either because they have a Hungarian genealogy or because they simply like the country and its people.

The number one way to learn how to speak Hungarian is through a podcast online. Online learning has grown in leaps and bounds since people first began taking classes via the internet. Today, many types of classes are taught online and many people take advantage of the diversity of subjects that can be found. Online language classes are a great resource that is being taken advantage of everyday by all different types of students. Whether they are learning the language for work purposes or for personal reasons a Hungarian podcast can give students a way to learn another language that works with their learning style and schedule.

If you are interested in learning Hungarian through a podcast you’ll want to begin by learning the Hungarian alphabet before you move onto more involved lessons. Give yourself the time to study and learn the alphabet and easy vocabulary words that you can pronounce and write out. By focusing on the basics you will build a strong foundation once you are ready to learn Hungarian phrases and more advanced subjects.