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Hungarian Verbs

Like with most languages learning Hungarian verbs is largely about learning the rules that govern its verbs. If you learn the rules you will be able to quickly pick up a variety of verbs at a fast pace.

Hungarian verbs are somewhat more complex compared to other languages, but with a little study and practice anyone who wants to learn how to speak Hungarian will be able to learn its verbs.

Conjugation of all Hungarian verbs is either definite or indefinite. In addition, all verbs have one of two tenses, past or present; one of two numbers, singular or plural; one of three persons, first, second, or third; and one of three moods, indicative, conditional, or imperative.

These rules are similar to many other languages, but there is a slight difference present in the Hungarian language regarding order of the verbs. In Hungarian language word order is largely dependent on what subject in a sentence you want to emphasize. Because of this verbs can appear either before or after the subject only causing a change in stress and emphasis. Although verbs can be written in the past or present tense, present tense can also be used to denote future tense depending on the structure of the sentence. Regarding conjugation for the most part definite conjugation is used for transitive verbs, and indefinite conjugation is used for intransitive verbs, but there are exceptions to the rule.

The rules of Hungarian verbs can be learned and memorized, but the best way to actually learn about verbs is to put them into practice. As you’re learning to speak Hungarian, whether you are starting with the alphabet or jumping into learning Hungarian phrases, practice the language as often as you can. Hold conversations with your Hungarian friends, family, coworkers, or neighbors. They will appreciate being able to speak in their native language and you will get much needed practice out of it.

In addition, if you are trying to learn Hungarian you should invest in a Hungarian dictionary and online podcast. Both a dictionary and a podcast can help you learn specific verbs and their various forms. The dictionary can be used to look up vocabulary words and their meaning, spelling, and pronunciation. A podcast can help a student with recordings of the words and phrases they are trying to learn. Both of these language learning tools will take you farther in your studies than any other tool.