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Hey there Listener!

Here’s a thought:

The world around you needs to have little Hungarian labels.
Anything you see, you’d know its Hungarian meaning immediately.

Office building? Check.
Train station and everything inside? Check.
The items in your kitchen? Check.

Learning Hungarian would take half the time!

With’s Visual Dictionary Hungarian iBook, you can do just that. This Visual Dictionary is the first of its kind. Even iTunes has noticed!

Learn by Exploring the World in Hungarian!

Just tap and zoom through 26 different everyday scenarios. You see the word in its real-world context, read it and hear its pronunciation. From the city streets, to train stations, and right down to your own kitchen, you learn 550+ Hungarian vocabulary words for anything and everything you’d encounter along the way.

Each scenario comes with:

  • Audio Gallery – Get the image of the word, with its reading and audio pronunciation
  • Explorer Mode – Tap on places and objects to learn their Hungarian meanings
  • Quiz Mode – Review the words with flashcards
  • With Visual Dictionary Hungarian (Enhanced Version), you can:

  • See all the vocabulary illustrations, translations and spelling
  • Place personal tags and notes in each scenario in Explorer Mode
  • Drill scenario vocabulary with flashcards in Quiz Mode
  • View all the words in the book with the Alphabetical Glossary
  • Tap and zoom through each scene, bringing Hungarian learning to life
  • Hear the audio clip in Audio Gallery Mode
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