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Get 40% off with the Now or Never sale. Hurry! Ends soon! Blog
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Go For The Gold, Go For Hungarian Fluency with HungarianPod101

Hello Listener,

Why go for anything less?

Right about now, the best of the best are gathering in London for the 30th Modern Olympic Games. That’s over 10,000 athletes, all aiming for a gold medal. Their eyes are on the prize. Are yours?

Want to learn Hungarian? You will.

Unlike at the Olympics, there’s no losing here; you only get better – day by day, word by word, grammar rule by grammar rule. So, don’t just learn a few phrases, learn to speak Hungarian the way you know your own language.

Go for the gold and go for fluency with HungarianPod101.

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You want to speak and understand Hungarian as it is spoken in real life. Our lessons have been designed exactly for that. You get the conversation first and learn the vocabulary and grammar behind it after.

Load these lesson on your smartphone and learn anywhere, anytime!

Extra Bonus: Each lesson comes with PDF lesson notes. Lesson transcripts, translations, vocabulary and grammar explanations are given to you in writing. Review after a lesson or read along as you listen!

And that’s just the Basic Plan.

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Premium is different. It’s our most popular plan and is designed to cut your Hungarian learning time in half. Since you want to speak more Hungarian, you need more words.

A Premium Subscription gets you:

  • Access to every single lesson ever made and will make
  • PDF Lesson Notes for each lesson
  • 2000 Most Common Hungarian Word List & Sample Sentences – You need about 2000 words for conversational fluency.
  • Spaced Repetition (SRS) Flashcards – Tracks your progress, quizzes you on the hard words and skips the easy ones.
  • WordBank – Save unknown words here for later review. Import them from lessons, wordlists, etc. and export to Flashcards for studying.
  • Line-by-Line Audio – Master Hungarian pronunciation: Hear lines from the conversation again and again.
  • And much much more!
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    Go for the gold and go for fluency with HungarianPod101. Save 30% on all Basic & Premium subscriptions until August 12th!