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Hungarian Phrases for Travel


Do you like traveling? Are you planning to travel to Hungary and would like some Hungarian travel tips or useful Hungarian phrases for travel? You are at the right place! We put together a useful Hungarian words list for travelers, and it contains useful phrases too. You never know what situation you might find yourself in when taking a trip to a foreign country, so it is best to prepare in advance and learn a few common phrases for the journey. This article will help you with that.

In here, you will find an essential vocabulary of simple Hungarian travel phrases for transportation, shopping, eating in a restaurant, and asking or giving directions. However, we will also introduce you some common Hungarian phrases for travelers that are a must, for examples ones used during emergencies, but you will learn flattery and other useful phrases as well.

Do not travel without knowing these verbs!

If you read this article a few times and take notes, you should be fine. However, if by the end you still do not feel as confident, just reach out to us with any questions you might have.

Are you ready to learn about essential Hungarian travel phrases? Let’s go!

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Log Table of Contents
  1. Basic Expressions
  2. Transportation
  3. Shopping
  4. Restaurants
  5. Asking for and Giving Directions
  6. Emergencies
  7. Flattery Phrases
  8. Useful Phrases to Go Through Language Problems
  9. How Helps You Reach Your Goals in Learning Hungarian

1. Basic Expressions

First, to get the ball rolling, we are going to cover basic Hungarian travel phrases. These will help set the mood for the rest of the article and nicely ease you into the topic. Also, if you want to learn any section by heart, this one should be it as it is going to be the most useful one for you. No matter in what situation, you will get great use out of these common Hungarian phrases for travelers. So, let’s see them!

  • “Thank you (very much).” – (Nagyon szépen) köszönöm!
  • “Sorry.” – Bocsánat!
  • “I apologize.” – Bocsánatot kérek!
  • “Excuse me.” – Elnézést!
  • “Hi.” – Szia!
  • “Hi, you all.” – Sziasztok!
  • “Good morning.” – Jóreggelt!
  • “Yes” – Igen
  • “No” – Nem
  • “I like it.” – Tetszik (nekem).
  • “I don’t like it.” – Nem tetszik (nekem).
  • “I don’t speak Hungarian.” – Nem beszélek magyarul.
  • “That’s amazing!” – Ez nagyszerű!
  • “It’s not so good.” – Annyira nem jó.
  • “Can you please take a picture of me?” – Csinálnál rólam egy fotót, kérlek?

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2. Transportation

Unless you have a map and can navigate through an unknown city with it without any hardships, you might want to learn one or two must-know Hungarian travel words and phrases from this section, in connection with transportation. No matter if you want to reach your destination on foot, by taxi, bus, tram, train, boat, trolly, or metro (yes, these are all your options in Hungary – let’s check your options for Budapest), you will have to know a few simple Hungarian travel phrases to get around easily, such as the following ones:

  • “[Location], please.” – [helyszín]-re, legyen szíves!
  • “How do I get to [location]?” – Hogy jutok el a [helyszín]-re?
  • “How much did my trip cost?” – Mennyibe került az utazásom?
  • “Could you please wait for me?” – Volna szíves megvárni?
  • “Where should I get off?” – Hol kellene leszállnom?
  • “I want to go to [location].” – A [helyszín]-re szeretnék eljutni.
  • “Please, tell me when we arrive.” – Kérlek, szóljon, ha megérkeztünk!
  • “Which stop is the next one?” – Mi a következő megálló?
  • “I’d like to buy a one-way train ticket to [location].” – Szeretnék egy vonatjegyet váltani [helyszín]-re.
  • “How much does the ticket cost?” – Mennyibe kerül a jegy?
  • “Do I need to transfer?” – Át kell szállnom?

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Image of a Metro Arriving

3. Shopping

Whether you like shopping or not, even you will have to go to the grocery store at some point to get some food while you are in the country. So, why not take the lead and learn some essential Hungarian travel phrases in advance? Do you want to buy broccoli but need to ask if the store clerk has it? Or perhaps you want to ask how much something costs? We have it all in here but do not forget that if you have any questions remaining, you can ask us in the comment section below. So, let’s see these shopping phrases!

  • “How much does this broccoli cost?” – Mennyibe kerül ez a brokkoli?
  • “In what currency can I pay?” – Milyen valutával tudok fizetni?
  • “Can give me a discount on this?” – Tudna esetleg kedvezményt adni erre?
  • “Which one do you recommend I get?” – Melyiket javasolja, hogy megvegyem?
  • “What’s your most popular product?” – Mi a legnépszerűbb terméke?
  • “I’d like to take this.” – Ezt szeretném elvinni.
  • “Can I pay by card?” – Tudok kártyával fizetni?
  • “How many forints is two euros?” – Hány forintot ér két euró?

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4. Restaurants

When in a new place, it is very likely that you will visit one or two restaurants during your stay. However, if you fancy small and cozy ones, chances are the staff does not speak perfect English if at all. That is why it is crucial or at least an advantage if you learn a few Hungarian words you could use in restaurants. Let’s see what we mean:

  • “Can I please get the menu?” – Elkérhetném az étlapot?
  • “I’d like to get this please.” – Ezt kérném, legyen szíves!
  • “Can I get a pint of beer?” – Kérhetnék egy korsó sört?
  • “I’m a vegetarian.” – Vegetáriánus vagyok.
  • “I’m allergic to [food]. Does this meal has any?” – Allergiás vagyok a [étel]-re. Ebben az ételben van?
  • “What do you recommend?” – Mit ajánl?
  • “Could I get the bill, please?” – Kérhetném a számlát?
  • “Excuse me!” – Legyen szíves!

Here is how to reserve a table in a restaurant.

Closeup of a Chef Finishing the Presentation of the Food

5. Asking for and Giving Directions

Hungarian language travel phrases for asking for or giving directions are just as important as phrases for transportation. God forbid, you get lost somewhere, you might need to ask locals to point you in the right direction. However, it is quite well-known that Hungarians are not at the forefront in terms of English language knowledge. Thus, it is advised that you learn these conversational phrases for when visiting the country, in case you get lost at some point:

Let’s see the other days of a week in Hungarian:

  • “Where is [location]?” – Merre van a [helyszín]?
  • “Excuse me!” – Legyen szíves!
  • “Where can I find the closest toilet?” – Merre van a legközelebbi mosdó?
  • “Can you show me the way?” – Meg tudná mutatni az utat?
  • “Go straight, then turn left at the end of the street.” – Menjen egyenesen, aztán forduljon balra az utca végén!
  • “Turn right at the roundabout.” – Forduljon jobbra a körforgalomnál!

A Guy and a Girl Looking at a Map Smiling

6. Emergencies

You have to prepare for all scenarios and even though we never want to think about it, anything can happen. Make sure you learn this emergency Hungarian word list for travelers and you should be covered for any emergencies that might happen. But just to be prepared, always choose travel insurance!

  • “Somebody please help!” – Valaki, kérem, segítsen!
  • “Call an ambulance! Their number is 104.” – Hívja a mentőket! 104 a számuk.
  • “Is there a doctor here?” – Van itt orvos?
  • “I’ve lost my passport.” – Elhagytam az útlevelemet!
  • “Did you see my wallet? I can’t find it anywhere.” – Láttad a pénztárcámat? Sehol sem találom.

7. Flattery Phrases

Flattery phrases are rather important because Hungarians love to be flattered, especially their cuisine, especially by a foreigner, especially in their own language. That is right! So, if you want to win a Hungarian’s heart over, compliment their cooking in Hungarian. Here is how to do it:

  • “I like Hungarian people.” – Kedvelem a magyar embereket.
  • “I like Hungarian food.” – Szeretem a magyar ételeket.
  • “I love Hungary.” – Imádom Magyarországot!
  • “You’re nice.” – Kedves vagy.
  • “You’re beautiful.” – Gyönyörű vagy,
  • “I want to be your friend.” – Szeretnék a barátod lenni.
  • “Do you have Facebook or Instagram?” – Van Facebookod vagy Instagramod?
  • “I like your style.” – Tetszik a stílusod.
  • “You’re very smart.” – Nagyon okos vagy.

Woman and Man Laughing Together

8. Useful Phrases to Go Through Language Problems

In this section, you will find any additional useful, common Hungarian phrases for travelers that might come in handy for your trip.

  • “Do you speak English?” – Beszélsz angolul?
  • “I don’t understand. Can you repeat?” – Nem értem. Meg tudnád ismételni?
  • “I don’t speak Hungarian very well.” – Nem beszélek valami jól magyarul.
  • “Please, speak slowly.” – Kérlek, beszélj lassabban!
  • “How do you say [word] in Hungarian?” – Hogy van magyarul az, hogy [szó]?
  • “Could you write it down please?” – Le tudnád írni, kérlek?
  • “How do you read this?” – Ezt hogy olvasod?
  • “How do you pronounce this?” – Ezt hogy mondod ki?

9. How Helps You Reach Your Goals in Learning Hungarian

Yay, you reached the end of this article, meaning you must be a Hungarian travel words expert. Well… not quite. To make sure these useful phrases stick in your mind, read the article a few more times, take notes, and practice pronunciation. Even more so, practice with a real person if you know any Hungarians or someone who speaks the language. If not, we are always here to help you, you know that.

Let’s recap what Hungarian phrases for travelers were mentioned this time:

We learned about common Hungarian phrases for travelers regarding:

  • The basics
  • Transportation
  • Shopping
  • Restaurants
  • Asking for and giving directions
  • Emergencies
  • Flattery
  • Other useful expressions to go through language problems

The latter you might not need if you practice all the phrases above.

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Even though practice makes perfect, sometimes a little extra boost and a change in study material helps, moreover, speeds up the learning process. If you feel like you would like something more, let’s say widen your range of vocabulary for when you visit Hungary, we have lots of free vocabulary lists on the website that are constantly expanding, and don’t forget about our audio learning lessons that help you with pronunciation and listening.

And if you need a tutors undivided attention, we have lots of professionals who would love to help you on your journey to learn Hungarian and facilitate the studying process.

What do you say? Join the HungarianPod101 family today and get lots of study materials and heaps of support and a loving community on the side! Deal? Click here to join!

How would you ask for directions to the nearest caffe in Hungarian? Comment it below!